Pay per Head Solutions | How to Become A Bookie

A Pay per head solutions company provides offshore call center and internet sports betting services for bookies.

This is an alternative that can free them from time-consuming routines such as processing wagers, moving lines, answering general questions, and arranging information related to the betting action of their customers.

A PPH shop strives to offer cost-effective sports and horse betting services that can help you maximize the potential of your business by allowing you to focus on growing your clientele while they take care of the aforementioned day-to-day tasks in a 24/7, year-round schedule.

When doing businesses with a pay per head solutions company, you can be sure that your clients will never find a busy signal when trying to reach their call center located in Costa Rica.

That’s because their use of breakthrough technology enhances the performance of their clerks, allowing them to meet the needs of your clients in a prompt, efficient way.

At their facilities, they also count with secure servers and high-end encryption systems which guarantees that all of your information is protected against unwanted parties.

And since they count on their own back up industrial generator, they can also assure you that no downtimes are going to be experienced by you or your customers.

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Pay per Head Solutions: What You Get

Pay per Head Solutions bookie software

Bookie Software

Manage your operation with reliable bookie software, which comes as part of your pay per head solutions package.

Pay per Head Solutions custom website

Custom Bookie Site

Get access to a customizable bookie website that’s going to be available for your own clients only. It includes a custom domain name.

Pay per Head Solutions Call Center

Call Center Access

Grant your players direct access to round the clock call center services provided by skilled multilingual clerks.

Most Complete Wagering Menu

Sit back and watch your business soar while making hundreds of betting options available for your players over the phone or online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including:

  • Horse Racing
  • Football (NFL, College, CFL, Arena)
  • Basketball (NBA, College, WNBA)
  • Baseball(MBL, College)
  • Hockey (NHL, College)
  • Soccer (Pro, World Cup)
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Auto Racing
  • Boxing

For every sport that the pay per head solutions company offers, your customers can bet parlays, “if” bets, round robins, teasers, reverses, props (including many types), 1st halves, halftimes and money lines, among others.

For race track fans, they offer a large list of the major and some of the minor tracks to choose from and the most accurate Sportbook Software to keep track of plays.

Betting limits and payoff limits can be placed independently for each client, depending on a large variety of factors. Players can bet on win, place, double daily, exacta, trifecta, show, pick 3, 4, 5, 6.

And that′s not all, because as part of a pay per head solutions package, you will get a quality, no download digital casino with the most popular table games, slot games, jackpots, Black Jack and much more!

Pay Per Head Solutions: Quick Setup

Pay per Head Solutions Sign Up

1. Fill out sign-up form

1. Fill out the sign-up form (It’s fast and easy).

Pay per Head Solutions Get Contacted

2. You’ll be contacted back

2. A new clients’ representative will get in touch with you immediately.

Pay per Head Solutions Get Started

3. Get started with your business!

3. Start your online sports betting and casino operation right away!

Pay per Head Solutions step by step
Pay per Head Solutions Step by Step

Pay Per Head Solutions: Step by Step

Step One: Get in touch with pay per head solutions company

The PPH shop is able to provide pay per head solutions for all sorts of agent packages. And that’s why they can create special deals for each bookie, depending on his particular wants and needs. Since the PPH company counts on managers who are ready to answer any possible question you might have concerning their offerings, they prefer that your first contact is over the phone, as you would be able to explain to them what is it that you really need. And in exchange, they’ll explain to you how their bookmaking solutions can affect your business in a positive way.

Step Two: Payment for pay per head solutions

Once you have agreed on the pay per head solutions you want to obtain (a mixture of call center and internet services focused on sports betting, horses, casino, and custom bookie software), they’ll need to discuss which method you want to use to pay with (weekly fee based on actual usage). And although the PPH shop has their preferred methods, they can always work something out depending on how you want to send them funds.

Step Three: Accounts

At this point, the PPH shop will provide you with pins and passwords for each one of your clients, which is how they will identify themselves when either calling or visiting your bookie website in order to place their wagers or check on their betting history. The PPH company will kindly ask you to keep all info private as they want to prevent any possible disputes concerning errors with wagers or the misuse of such accounts by third parties. And in case of such information is stolen (missing laptop or wallet), the PPH shop will need the incident to be reported to them as soon as possible in order to immediately update their previous login data with a new one.

Step Four: Custom bookie software

Now that all information concerning services, payment method, and account data is ready, it is time for you to get familiarized with custom sports betting software, which is the mobile app that allows you to analyze reports containing info such as wagering lines, player accounts and more.

Step Five: Enjoy pay per head solutions

Once you feel comfortable with everything, you can pass the pins and pass to your clients and start enjoying the benefits of using the pay per head solutions of your favorite PPH shop.

Pay per Head Solutions FAQ

This is the frequently asked questions section for Pay per Head Solutions.

Here you will find all the information you might possibly need concerning the different PPH services.

Where are PPH Companies located?

PPH headquarters are based in Costa Rica, a Central American country from where they’re are able to operate as a fully-licensed company.

What kind of pay per solutions are offered?

PPH shops offer call center and internet pay per head solutions for bookies who are running a sports wagering or a horse betting operation (or one that includes both).

They process bets for the agent, and he pays them a weekly fee for these solutions.

The calls made by the bookie’s clients are free for them, as this is included in the fee the PPH Shop charges the agent.

The PPH company also offers custom software that allows the bookmaker to have an overall control of his betting business in real time.

How does your line management services work?

Knowledge and experience are the two words PPH shops have in mind when they hire a team of lines managers, who are in fact some of the best in the industry.

And since they work with different lines feeds, they’re are able to offer a top solution that guarantees that both the bookie and his clients are going to feel satisfied with what is reflected on the screen.

What is the difference between a pay per head solutions company and a sportsbook?

A PPH shop offers a bet processing service for bookies that have their own clients. The latest are the ones calling or using online pay per head solutions.

And the difference between them and a regular sportsbook is that the PPH shop doesn’t handle cash payments for such wagers (the bookmaker is the one that either collects or pays his customers).

All the money the PPH company perceives come from the weekly service fee they charge the agents.

How can I get started?

To start using these services is quite simple. A PPH shop agent just need to get in the phone with you (the call is for free) in order to guide you through the simple sign up process which takes no more than 30 minutes.

And once everything has been set up, you are immediately able to spread the word among your clients about your new pay per head solutions.

Pay per Head Solutions Security

Pay per Head Solutions data processing relies heavily on security. Every single piece of information from bookies is only theirs and should not be accessed by anyone else.

That is the PPH shop works with sophisticated encryption systems that are tested on a constant basis by an in-house team of technicians as they want to guarantee that the protection offered is able to comply with the demands of those who have to trust them to serve as their right hand.

All of the internal systems that the PPH company uses to handle information are backed by a series of firewalls and high user authentication standards as they want to prevent unwanted parties from having virtual access to their servers (physical access is restricted to a selected group of individuals at their organization).

Now, by allowing the PPH shop to process betting calls for you, you are avoiding the need of having to use your personal phone, and when it comes to your clients, they are dialing for a call center that is located overseas and which operates under local laws.

This prevents unwanted legal hassles and sets you up as a trustful agent, which allows you to maintain a healthy relationship with your customers and outperform your competitors.

The pay per head solutions company also understands the concern of agents related to other people taking bets for their clients. But when it comes to this matter, bookies can be sure that PPH Shops are taking every possible measure in order to ensure that no mistakes are made.

This includes a modern automatic call recording system to prevent disputes and the constant monitoring of their clerk’s performance.

Since the PPH shop has no control over who accesses their website to place bets other than the pins and passwords which they granted you for your customers, they recommend you to instruct players not to give those away to anybody and to keep them in a safe place.

This will guarantee that nobody else will be able to access the custom bookie website other than the real holder of the secure login data.

If for some reason one of your clients misplaces their login info, they PPH Shop kindly asks you to give them a call in order to report this to them so they can immediately update the old login with a new one, making it impossible for some stranger to play with that account’s activity.

Last but not least,

The pay per head solutions industry is quite competitive and not all bookmaker services are good so don’t rush into making a decision just because you get offered a price that seems “too good to be true”.