Pay per Head Services: Top Sportsbook Solutions for Bookies

We are living in modern times, and when it comes to sports betting, this means that we are living in the age of Pay per Head Services.

The wagering and gambling industries have been going through a healthy evolution.

And nowadays, becoming a bookie requires you to count with a pph shop solution in order to be head-to-head with your competitors.

So, if you are a regional or local sports betting agent, you should consider working with an offshore sportsbook services provider in order to run a more efficient bookmaking operation!

Customized Site

Indeed, your clients will definitely appreciate having the opportunity to place their bets using a custom Pay per Head sports betting website.

Mobile Betting

Players can make their bets on sports, horses, or at the casino directly from their mobile devices (including iPhones, Android phones and tablets).

Racebook and Casino

Specialized racebook betting (lines are available for all thoroughbred tracks in the USA) and casino Pay per Head software gaming (the best and most popular games, including pph poker) are also available.

Largest Wagering Menu

A top pay per head services provider also offers bookmakers and their clients the largest selection of wagers available in the industry right now.

Call Center

The call center counts with experienced sports betting gambling professionals and native speakers (English, Spanish, Mandarin).

In-Game Betting

This particular feature is very exciting for players because it allows them to place bets during the game. Which means that when the match starts, the action continues!

Learn How To Become A Bookie

Bookie Software Features

Clearly, your clients are getting the best PPH online sportsbook customer experience.

And you, as a bookie, get access to Pay per Head Sportsbook sports betting software, which include:

  • Sharpest reports for each and every single customer.
  • Set custom preferences for every client.
  • Move your own wagering lines.
  • Real-time odds from the most reliable oddsmaking service in the industry.
  • The ability to offer all of the available pay per head services, or exclude any of them, to all, or just to some of your clients.
  • 24/7 support to address any questions you may have concerning any of the available reports.

The outcome of using this bookie software is to run your wagering and gambling business seamlessly.

Pay per Head Services FAQ

Where are pay per head services providers located?

Offshore call center, private servers, and client attention offices are located in Costa Rica. PPH Shops have chosen this place because the local gambling environment is inviting to business like theirs; and is also a great source of employment for highly efficient and professional individuals.

For how many years have PPH Shops been operating?

Approximately a couple of decades ago, different gambling entrepreneurs created a bookmaking and casino services industry destined to change how sports betting agents run their businesses.

How many players do I need?

In order to benefit from pay per head services, there is really not a minimum of players you need to have. Whether you’re taking bets from just a few friends, running a small sportsbook, or managing a medium or large-size bookmaking operation; PPH Shops have the human talent and the tools to help you.

Do I need to make a deposit to get started?

No. Once you become a member of a top pay per head services provider, you just need to start paying for the players that uses their PPH solutions week by week. That’s it!

Do I get mobile pay per head services?

Yes indeed! PPH mobile solutions are great. And they’re available for sports, horses and casino games. These mobile services are very user-friendly for both the bookie, and his sports betting players.

Do I get access to casino games?

Yes, you do. All the most popular games, and others your players will be happy to get familiar with, including pay per head poker.

What about live casino services?

Apart from offering a desktop, and mobile application, a top PPH Shop also offers the live dealer experience. This means that players are able to place their bets in front of a live, physical dealer!

Why Pay per Head Sportsbook Services?

Pay per Head Services can help your clients experience modern and fluid sports betting customer attention.

This is because PPH Shops hires only the best and most qualified native-speaking personnel to guarantee full satisfaction on every one-on-one interaction.

Sharpest Pay per Head Lines in the Industry

The sharpest lines in the Pay per Head Industry! If you want to get the sharpest lines in the Pay per Head industry, becoming a member of a top PPH company will grant you and your players that privilege.

When you acquire your sportsbook software, you are not just getting a product. Instead, you are also getting access to the human talent behind it!

This means that the PPG team of professional and experienced line movers is always working to offer your bettors the best possible experience while allowing you to become wealthy in the process!

Only the Best Pay per Head Live Betting for Players!

Pay per head live betting for players is definitely one of the finest services provided by a PPH Shop.

This is because this Pay per Head bookie software service enhances the wagering experience of bettors by allowing them to place in-game bets.

This means that once the game has started, the action can continue!

As a bookmaker, you want to have as many options as you can to increase your profits.

And live betting is definitely one of the best alternatives.

Get the Edge with Pay per Head Sharp Monitoring

Pay per Head sharp monitoring definitely allows you to get the edge over agents that aren’t using Pay per Head sharp monitoring.

This service guarantees that you will know when a sharp player is getting action with you.

As a Pay per Head agent, this is definitely a sportsbook service you want to count on to avoid any damage to your bottom line!

Move your own Pay per Head Lines

Using bookie software, you are able to move your own Pay per Head betting lines at will.

You can move the current Pay per Head lines, and even create your own custom lines!

Once you become a member, you can start customizing your sportsbook software.

And that data will immediately become available for your players.

This is a service, just like the rest, that is part of the overall pay per head services package, and it has no extra cost!