How to Bet on Sports: NBA Betting

How to Bet on Sports: NBA Betting

How to Bet on Sports: NBA Betting

If you want to learn how to bet on sports, specifically NBA betting, here’s a quick, easy guide.

How to Bet on Sports: NBA Betting And Overvalued Home-Court Advantage

The average player enjoys playing home teams, and this includes betting on the NBA.

This leads to sportsbooks shading lines towards the home team, and this causes home teams to be overvalued by the public, who bets with overpriced odds.

When it comes to the NBA, to have home-court advantage usually means three points. But, depending on the court, it can be four points, or even as few as two points.

And, the NBA schedule can impact homecourt advantage in a big way.

The National Basketball Association features a lot of back-to-backs during the season.

And this means that teams are playing 2 nights in a row.

Because of tough traveling and almost no rest, home-court advantage can be leveled down based on the schedule.

If a home franchise is playing back-to-back nights and the rival enjoyed the previous day off, the home team really has no home-court advantage at all.

Because most basketball betting is done on the NBA point spread, winning the game really has no weight in the final wagering score.

It’s really all about whether or not the team you chose is able to cover the spread.

Unfortunately for home franchises, they win most of the games but fail to cover.

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How to Bet on Sports: NBA Betting And Contrarian Road Underdogs

Now that you know that sportsbooks shade their NBA betting lines to exploit public bias, it’s definitely in your best interest to wager versus the public.

With that said, you simply can’t just wager on every single team getting a minority of wagers on them.

Instead, you need to be as selective as possible with your NBA betting picks.

And because the public is included to wager on favorites and home teams, this means that road underdogs are definitely the most valuable to place a bet on.

And just like with the small road dogs in college football betting, small road dogs in NBA betting gets you the best value.

Now, when it comes to the best time to bet contrarian in pro basketball, this time is early in the season,

At this point, road dogs become much more competitive as they are in perfect health conditions and can give their top effort.

As the season moves on, these teams are definitely out of the playoff race, and they just don’t have the will to try hard.

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How to Bet on Sports: NBA Betting And Buying Low Off a Loss

You can also take advantage of road dogs by buying low on franchises coming off a loss. This allows you, as a smart player, to profit from public recency bias.

If a road dog lost its last clash, the public will be more inclined to wager against them, hoping for an easy victory and to cover by the home fav. This increases their value to place a bet on them.

Players must also pay attention to road dogs coming off a blowout defeat.

And, make sure to buy low on teams who lost, and lost very badly in their past game. They are definitely the most undervalued franchises for contrarian NBA betting purposes.

How to Bet on Sports: NBA Betting And Taking Advantage of Inflated Lines

The public creates an inflated NBA betting line by wagering one side massively, and this causes bookmaking agents to move the line, adjusting it towards the popular side.

This comes as a great benefit for contrarian players as you can then place a bet on the unpopular side.

How to Bet on Sports: NBA Betting And Divisional Unders

There are 6 divisions in the NBA, including 5 franchises in each division. Divisional Teams will play each other 4 times per year.

And with such familiarity, teams from the same division get to understand their opponents very well, which leads to defense benefits, which leads to more unders due to lower-scoring games.

NBA Betting: Bet Against Home Teams on Back-to-Backs

Players should pay attention to NBA teams playing on the 2nd night of a back-to-back.

This is considered a valuable factor because teams are tired when they’re ready to play the second night. So this gives the opponent an edge.

Look for when a home favorite is performing on the 2nd night of a back-to-back and performed the previous night on the road. This is because they had to travel, and that adds an additional contrarian betting factor.

And, as they’re a favorite, the wagering public will be likely betting on them, meaning they become overvalued.

You also want to make sure the rival is from the very same NBA conference.

And that’s because teams belonging to the same NBA conference will be playing each other at least 3 times per season.

This increases the familiarity between the teams, leveling the playing field, and benefiting the dog team, exactly like divisional dogs in football or baseball.

NBA Betting: Take Advantage of Tanking

When the season is about to end, NBA betting players need to become aware of the tanking factor.

Tanking happens when teams that have no chances of making it to the NBA Playoffs will start losing games, increasing their chances of receiving a better pick at the next NBA Draft.

What you want to do is to wager against these bad teams down the stretch as they are done with their seasons.

If you want to take advantage of taking, you need to wait until the 55-game mark.

This is because at that point you can see which teams are on their way out of the playoff race, and in your list of NBA betting teams.

So, don’t forget to look out for games when tanking team is performing versus one with a decent record, or even an above-average one that’s struggling, but still has postseason options.

The reason is because those franchises have an extra motivation to get a victory on their next game to make it to the NBA Playoffs.

You also need to make sure the bad team, the one that’s tanking is performing as the home team.

That way you can take advantage of public bias, as most bettors are wagering on the overrated home team or “favorite.”

NBA Betting: How to Bet the NBA Playoffs

When it comes to the NBA regular season, a great idea is to bet on dog teams and road franchises as the public actually overvaluing home teams and favorites.

But, when it comes to the postseason, the public is inclined to bet on the dog team at a higher rate.

They certainly love to wager on franchises getting points, because they believe matchups will be very close as teams are evenly matched.

And, this leads to overvaluing dog teams and undervaluing favorite franchises.

We should also note that home franchises have a great advantage in the NBA postseason.

And the reason is that home-court advantage gets elevated in the NBA Playoffs.

Crowds tend to be louder and more engaged than they usually are in regular-season games, plus the stakes are higher, and all of this creates an environment that’s extra hostile for the rival team.

So, if we combine home teams with favorites, and then add a contrarian NBA betting angle, we’re able to pinpoint an NBA postseason trend that can be highly profitable.