How to Bet on Sports: Betting College Basketball 101

How to Bet on Sports: Betting College Basketball

Now it’s time to learn about betting college basketball 101 in our how to bet on sports guide.

Players get their action mostly on the point spread and the totals, and these are great when it comes to betting versus the public.

The big difference is that there are hundreds of college basketball teams vs 30 in the NBA.

What this means is that you get a lot of opportunities to bet and win.

This also means that you need to be extra selective when it comes to choosing your wagering selections.

On this how to bet on college basketball guide we’ll teach you all you need to know to get an edge when wagering on NCAA hoops teams.

How to Bet on Sports: Betting College Basketball, Overvalued Home-Court Advantage

Now in our How to Bet on sports guide, betting college basketball leads us to see why home-court it’s overvalued.

The average bettor loves wagering home team, including college basketball.

And for this reason, home teams end up being overvalued. With that said, home-court advantage is real, but when you get the final online sports betting line, it’s already being factored into it.

When it comes to sports betting, the advantage home teams get in college basketball varies a lot, more so than in any other sport.

On average, bookies will grant three to four points for home-court advantage, but it can be as high as six or seven points or as few as one, or even none, all depending on the factors such as the actual team, the stadium, and the rival.

How to Bet on Sports: Betting College Basketball Against the Public

Next in our how to bet on sports guide, let’s see why betting college basketball against the public is the way to go.

In college basketball, placing a bet against the public is a great strategy.

There are just dozens and dozens of small, unknown schools that don’t get any attention from the oddsmakers at all.

With that said, you should avoid betting games between small conference schools as these carry no real contrarian value.

Your best bet is to focus on the televised games as these are wagered heavily by the public, and so they provide extraordinary contrarian value.

And, public betting goes mostly to the home team, so most of contrarian wagering value lies on road teams.

Also, it’s also important to notice that bookmaking companies won’t shade lines in small conference clashes, but they definitely will do so in the most popular games between the big schools.

And so this leads to fantastic increased contrarian value you can take advantage of.

When it comes to NCAA schools, there are 6 “superconferences.”

These include the Big Ten, Big East, SEC, Big 12, PAC 12, and ACC. These get the most public attention, and so they’re great candidates for contrarian bettors.

Saturdays are by far the busiest in college hoops. 75+ games are played throughout the day, and these get a lot more action than weekday games.

The reason is that most people are at home on Saturday, and this gives them more chances to watch games and place a bet on their favorite ones.

How to Bet on Sports: Betting College Basketball Against Top-Ranked Conference Teams

Now in this betting college basketball section of our how to bet on sports guide, let’s see why betting versus top-ranked conference teams makes a lot of sense.

In NCAA hoops, the top teams are ranked 1to 25 by USA Today and the Associated Press.

When a team gets a 25 ranking, this will show on the TV scoreboard and the schedule, and the public always focuses on rankings when placing bets.

So, if there are two teams that are going head to head, with one of them being ranked a top 10, and the other ranked a top 20, the public will automatically choose the team that’s ranked a top 10.

Bookies know how important these rankings are for the betting public, so lines are shared accordingly, towards ranked teams. And this forces the public to take a lousy number.

So, this creates great contrarian value when betting college basketball, allowing you to bet versus ranked teams and win.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you can just bet versus a top team and win. Instead, you need to check for the right opportunities, and those come by wagering versus ranked teams in heavily lopsided conference games.

This makes it possible for you to take advantage of public bias and create great profits that way.

How to Bet on Sports: Betting College Basketball And Neutral Court Unders

Now in this betting college basketball section of our how to bet on sports guide, let’s see why neutral courts can help you make money too.

In NCAA hoops, teams play in different tournaments throughout the full season.

Once the regular season is over, those that made it to the top of the rankings will participate in the conference tournaments and the victorious gladiators will go into a final clash of titans also know as the NCAA Tournament or March Madness.

What’s key with these NCAA tourneys is that they all are played on a neutral hoops court.

And since neither team on the road or at home, this provides you with a great edge to wagering unders.

And why this benefit to betting unders on neutral court games?

The reason is that players are not familiarized with the court, the rims, etc. And, the crowd is divided, with neither team getting full support.

This means that both coaches are likely to get their players to play defensively, and this means fewer points, so betting unders is definitely the way to go.

How to Bet on Sports: Betting College Basketball And March Madness

Last but not least in our betting college basketball section of our how to bet on sports guide, let’s talk about March Madness.

March Madness is the highlight of the NCAA basketball season.

For fans of the sport, this is awesome, as it’s just like having different Super Bowls played every single day for a full month.

It’s definitely action-packed, and it’s also the best time to test your contrarian betting skills.

What’s outstanding about March Madness is that the public bets heavy on these games, and that gives you the chance to pick up a few great lines with the right value.

Create A Contrarian March Madness Bracket

If you want to win, a regular March Madness bracket won’t cut it.

You want to go contrarian to increase your odds of winning.

But, you can’t pick all 16 seeds as a contrarian. You have to add some smarts to the mix, do your own analysis, and see which teams really have the chance to go all the way that are not really getting all that much love and attention from the betting public.

Get started building your contrarian March Madness bracket with the help of this 2021 March Madness Bracketology.