How To Bet on Sports: Easy Guide to Dominate Sports Betting

How to Bet on Sports

Read this how to bet on sports guide before making your bet prediction, and make a wiser decision when you place a wager!

How to Bet on Sports Learning Guide:

This is what you’ll learn in this how to bet on sports easy guide:

  • Betting types
  • Betting biases
  • Best betting guides
  • Where to bet: Best USA and offshore sportsbooks
  • Bitcoin sports betting
  • Pros & cons of the bettor’s lifestyle

How to Bet on Sports: Betting Types

What if you could learn to wager and actually cash in on your wagering action? It all starts with the basics, and so the first step to learning how to bet on sports is to get familiarized with the different sports betting types:

Straight Bet or SU:

Let’s start this section of our how to bet on sports guide on betting types by explaining what straight bets are.

If you’re new to wagering, you should focus on this betting type before putting your eyes on more fancy, lucrative-looking bets. Plus, most seasoned professional bettors place straight up bets almost exclusively.

This is a simple wager that pays 11/10. For example, if you bet $110 on the Bucs and win, you’ll get paid your original $110, plus an extra $100 in profits for a total of $220.

Spread Betting:

Let’s continue this how to bet on sports guide with info on betting NFL point spreads.

The spread line is how bookies create balance between good and bad teams. Let’s say the Chiefs are playing the Bengals, and next to the KC you see a negative number that reads -7, and a positive number next to Cincinnati that reads +7.

This means that the Bengals, the worst of the two franchises, is getting a 7-point advantage while the Chiefs are starting the game with negative 7 points.

So, if Kansas City wins, but by less than 7 points, you lose your bet. And, if the Bengals lose, but by no more than 7 points, you win your bet.

Over/Under, or Total:

Now in our how to bet on sports guide, let’s talk about totals.

Here you’re placing a bet on the combined score of the two teams at the end of the game. And, all you need to do is to pick one of the two sides, either the over or the under the specified total.

Let’s say there’s an NBA game that reads 230 total. So, all you need to do is to decide whether there will be more or less than 230 combined points or not.

Money Line:

In this how to bet on sports guide we also have info on betting the money line.

If you don’t want to bet using the advantage that you get with the spread, you can also place a wager just to win. If you like the favorite, you will need to risk a lot to win a little because it’s more or less a safe wager.

And, if you bet on the underdog, you will win a lot by risking less cash, because you’re taking a bigger risk with the less talented team.


Now in our how to bet on sports guide, let’s see why parlays are a betting public favorite.

The parlay is a combination of different bet predictions into a single large bet. A parlay pays a lot because they are tough to win. For example, you can combine 10 different wagering selections, with total odds to win of 850/1.

If you bet $10, you can win nearly $10,000. If you want to make money betting avoid parlays as they considered fool’s gold at best by pro bettors. With that said, if you want to bet parlays, try to stick to two-team parlays, and try to never go beyond that because the more teams, the worst the odds.


It’s time in our how to bet on sports quick and easy guide to explain what teasers are.

A teaser allows you to buy points, making the spread line more attractive for you, but with less attractive odds.

For example, the 6-point teaser is quite effective when wagering NFL games as most games are usually tight, and six points can really make the difference. So, if you know how and where to find value, teasers can be very profitable.

How to Bet on Sports: 3 Biggest Betting Biases:

When it comes to betting, it’s convenient to about biases. Now in our how to bet on sports guide, the top 3 biases you should avoid when placing bets:

1. Recency Bias

The first bias we’ll talk about in this how to bet sports guide is the recency bias.

This is when you fixate on a game outcome due to past results. For example, the Steelers are visiting the Jets after winning three straight at home, and so you believe they’re on their way to defeat NY.

But then, the Jets have a great day and defeat Pittsburgh. The lesson? Never focus on previous results, and always check the stats, and place your bets based on the facts related to the actual game.

2. Confirmation Bias

The second bias we’ll explain in this how to bet on sports guide is the confirmation bias.

This one is similar, but broader. Confirmation bias is not just about the latest results, but about the overall belief of the bettor about certain team.

For example, if a player has a fixated opinion about the Jaguars, he will start quoting “facts” that supports his subjective opinion.

3. Outcome Bias

Now in our how to bet on sports guide let’s talk about the outcome bias.

Sports betting it’s all about final scores. But, those scores don’t take into account what actually happened in the game. For example, many games are evenly matched towards the end, and then a couple of plays define the game for one of the two teams.

So, even though one team got the victory, the two teams were visibly similar in talent, and it’s not rare that the losing team on this one will be the victorious one in the next game.

So, an outcome really doesn’t tell you how good a team compared to the other is just based on based results. Again, forget about trends, and always check the stats for the actual game.

How to Bet on Sports: 2 Easy Sports Betting Guides

The learning curve doesn’t have to be a tedious one for you. Learn how to bet on sports now easily just by reading these 2 guides:

How to Bet on Sports - Sports Betting Explained
How to Bet on Sports – Sports Betting Explained
How to Bet on Sports - NFL Point Spreads
How to Bet on Sports – NFL Point Spreads

How to Bet on Sports - Online Sports Betting

How to Bet on Sports: Online Sports Betting

Now in our how to bet on sports guide, let’s learn about online sports betting. Click image for a full guide!

How to Bet on Sports: Most Popular USA Sportbooks

In our how to bet on sports guide we also show you where you can actually place a bet in the United States.

According to a recent study, a little less than 50% of individuals older than 18 in the USA have placed a sports wager at least once. Now, when it comes to where to bet in the United States, these are the most commonly used sports betting services in the United States as of July 2020:

  • DraftKings: 50%
  • FanDuel: 45%
  • Barstool Bets: 15%
  • Action Network: 15%
  • William Hill: 13%

Check out a full list of the legal USA sportsbooks, and also verify if your favorite offshore bookie is part of the list of broadly approved sites.

Best Offshore Sportsbooks 2021 | SBR, OSGA

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How to Bet on Sports - Bitcoin Sports Betting

How to Bet on Sports: Bitcoin Sports Betting

Right now, most offshore sportsbooks are turning their eyes almost completely to bitcoin, and this might be the only way to pay for offshore bookmaking services in the near future.

So, next in our how to bet on sports guide, it’s time to get familiarized with cryptocurrencies and their advantages to bet offshore. Click image for a full guide!

How to Bet on Sports: Pros & Cons of Becoming A Bettor

It’s time in this how to bet on sports guide to let you know what the possible pros and cons of becoming a sports betting player.

Are you ready to start enjoying the sports bettor lifestyle? If you dream to become a pro sports bettor, here’s a quick glimpse at what you can expect, the pros and cons of this particular lifestyle:

How to Bet on Sports: Pros

First in our how to bet on sports guide, let’s analyze the pros:

  • Freedom: You will have no boss!. You won’t either need to show yourself at an office from 9 to 5. Instead, you can make your own schedule, and your laptop and cellphone will basically become the only two pieces of equipment you’ll need.
  • Satisfaction: Beating a bookie at his own game is probably one of the most rewarding feelings for a player.
  • Profits: Once you learn how sports betting works, you’ll be ready to start cashing in with your action. But part of that new knowledge involves knowing that building your own wagering wealth will take time. Just stick to your preferred system, and soon your bank account numbers will be tremendously positive.

How to Bet on Sports: Cons

Next in our how to bet on sports guide, let’s analyze the cons:

  • Insecurity: If you want to take sports betting as your number one profession, just remember that there will be no monthly payslip waiting for you. In other words, as your own boss, you also make your own rules, and those involve how much time you want to put into wagering, and how much you want to actually make with your betting action.
  • Money: You’ll need some cash to get started fast as that will allow you to make more profitable wagers. But don’t worry if you don’t have it, as becoming a pro it’s all about placing smart bets, and long-term is where you should aim if you don’t count with a considerable starting bankroll.

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