Casino Online Marketing: Help Players Love Your Brand

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How can you create brand loyalty with your online casino marketing program? It’s a multi-layered process. Read on…

So, what you do want, loyalty, or fans?

For a long time, online casino marketing experts have focused on loyalty.

But the truth is that even your most loyal, VIP customers can be disloyal from time to time by playing with a competitor.

Owners of sportsbooks and online casinos learned during 2020 that what was tried-and-true, just doesn’t cut it anymore.

What counts now is to be fully responsive and to be completely engaged.

This is really the time for you to make sure your people are creating authentic connections with your players, building strong relationships.

When your bettors see a constant delivery of the positive brand experience, this will build the kind of mutual trust that will drive their decision-making towards your products, long-term.

Soon enough, they’re not loyal to your brand, they’re actually fans.

And that’s your new goal, to create fans of your brand.

As long as you’re able to deliver the emotional excitement and thrilling experiences your online casino marketing promises, those that attracted players to your brand in the first place, you can be sure they’ll return time and time again.

As an online casino marketer, and because of analytics data, you know some players definitely like you, that’s a fact.

But a big portion, those that are just loyal for some time and run and play with a different online casino or sportsbook, do so because they feel your brand has become indifferent to them.

You’re failing to cement a real connection with your brand, and that means fewer repeat visits, lower visit spend, and as a consequence, lower brand loyalty. Exactly the scenario you want to avoid.

A sportsbook or online casino brand that has become indifferent to its players are those that are too product-focused.

Acting like commodities, they aren’t successful in splitting from their rivals.

These indifferent brands rely heavily on price promotions to drive value.

This is an approach that can lead you to quickly be upside-down in your reinvestment and offers.

If you fail to acquire a unique position in the minds and hearts of your bettors, it will become tougher and tougher for you to justify big expenditures in innovation and advertising.

With brand love, your players will continue to spend more cash and time with your brand, allowing you to improve your marketing program ROI.

Casino Online Marketing: How to create online casino and sportsbook brand love

So, how you do create online casino and sportsbook brand love?

Well, it’s all about understanding the consumer benefit, and how you can create an expression of such benefit.

Then, just start building everything around that main idea, both externally and internally.

Make sure to keep focus, as at this stage it’s easy to throw one idea for the other when you don’t obtain the expected results immediately.

You need to build strong marketing communications, core messages that focus on the differentiation points that drew your early clients.

And, when your players start showing that they really like you, then it’s time to separate even more from the rest by offering very unique gaming and wagering experiences.

In order to do this, you need to continue to create layers of emotional benefits so that you can build those so much-needed strong bonds.

You need to create an action plan that’s focused on visits and spend, offering the optimal player experience that creates an emotional routine for the bettor around your brand.

Once you start cementing strong bonds, those players will start speaking on your behalf, allowing you to see an increase in visits and spend as your brand turns into a significant part of the bettor’s life.

This often occurs at the VIP level, where the host becomes like family to the player, even celebrating life events with bettors, exactly as they would with their actual families.

Now, this means that the marketing your spend on each player might be higher, but the ROI also becomes more significant.

But, this isn’t enough, as you still need to continue to tighten the bonds with your most valued players, and you can do so by:

  • Creating a community of fans around your brand
  • Creating different brand rituals that will be very special to the bettors by building long-lasting memories
  • Continue to challenge yourself when it comes to offering the perfect guest experience
  • Identifying the different gaps, and then filling them before your rival does

Indeed, bettors can give your brand love for years, and in some cases, they become life-long users.

These are the kind of players that will forgive mistakes and even contribute to the future success of the brand.

With that said, remember that there are many other brands out there trying to get the attention and the money of your clients.

So, make sure to continue to find new ways to differentiate yourself from the pack, and your brand and casino online marketing efforts will be solid and successful.