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Bookie Software: Best Application For Independent Bookies

When dealing with Pay per Head, you’ll obtain a series of first-rate services such as noteworthy bookie software.

This bookie software is created by in-house developers, who spent countless hours working along with a team of senior managers in order to create an innovative product in terms of technology, which can be adapted to the different needs attached to a bookmaker’s operation.

This sports betting software can be customized according to what each agent is looking for in terms of the kind of service they provide to their clients.

For example, if there’s a bookie that’s also interested in using casino gaming solutions, this valuable tool can be easily adapted to show reports based on these specific criteria.

This trustful application is currently helping thousands of onshore bookies to run their wagering operations in a successful way.

And it provides them with an edge over those who are either using a less sophisticated solution or nothing at all.

A top PPH company have a solid commitment to their continuous evolution in terms of the type of service they grant to their customers,

And that’s why developers are always looking for ways to improve the interface of this outstanding tool in order to integrate new functionalities and to make it as user-friendly as possible.

Bookies using this application are constantly providing positive feedback concerning the usage they have given to the product.

And have also contributed with their own ideas concerning the features they would like to count with.

This tool has become the cornerstone of their businesses since they are now able to make money in an easier way thanks to the valuable information presented to them which has allowed them to make better decisions concerning the ways in which they run their sports betting operation.

The different reports available in the software allows bookies to check information concerning things such as:

  • agent vs players figures
  • current open bets
  • the cash exposure in any given betting line
  • and much more

Now, if you are a bookmaking agent that works with sub-agents, you can also have this information displayed as it will show data for each one of them, and the players they handle.

Therefore, it’s always easy for you to have accurate control over what they’re doing.

If you’re an agent that’s still doing all your work in a manual way, you’ll certainly be glad to switch methods and start working with a betting tool like this one.

Because you’ll obtain a great number of benefits, and will also count with more free time.

When you actually start using this effective and trustful service, you’ll embrace its full potential and will ask yourself why you had never utilized it before.

Different Bookie Software Reports Offered

To be noteworthy, bookie software needs to count with above-average features that can make it a convenient product to be acquired by bookies that are looking to improve the ways in which they do business.

Bookie software counts with a series of different reports such as:

  • Daysheet report: allows a comprehensible comparison between different weekly statistics.
  • Management’ is the one that’s designed so bookies can easily check on the different direct customers and/or sub-agents under their command in order to make the necessary adjustments concerning each one of them.
  • ‘Line and exposure’ is another sheet that allows bookies to check on the different open and closed betting lines and the amount of cash that’s risked on each one of them.
  • Then we have the ‘real-time betting’ report, created so that bookmakers can see the betting action of their clients as it is occurring. This is a particularly useful sheet that allows bookies to identify the strategies of their customers when it comes to the time on which they place their wagers (related to the starting time of a given sporting event and the closing time to place bets) and the amounts they are laying.
  • ‘Open bets’ handles information pertaining to wagers which are currently being processed and it contains different useful filters to separate betting types, players, or even the type of sport.
  • The ‘history’ report is one of the most used by bookmakers as it contains past information concerning betting types, dates, times, results, and even data about how the wager was placed (web or phone).
  • ‘Standings’ shows where are the bookmaker’s clients standing at the moment in terms of their current balance data concerning the amount of cash wagered in either casino gaming, sports, or horses.
  • The report that is related to ‘cash flow’ it’s all about monetary transactions.
  • Then we have the ‘hold percentage’ chart, which was designed to show the total gross made by the bookmaker either from direct wagers or casino action from his customers or the amount made from sub-agents.
  • The ‘Hold Percentage by Player’ report is quite similar to the previous one, but it works based on a determined number of players.
  • The ‘agent position’ sheet is quite useful for bookies to determine the amount of money they are exposing on all games and horse racing events for a given week. It displays data for each game and for each type of wager.
  • Another useful report is the one for ‘player totals’, which was created to display the total for each player considering aspects such as pending bets, wins, losses, and account balances.

All of these reports were created to work as stand-alone sheets, but when put used simultaneously, can truly make the difference in a bookmaker’s operation by granting him trustful operational insights.

Bookie Software Review: Thanks To This Outstanding Tool, My Business Is More Profitable

My experience with bookie software has been phenomenal.

I started using their services a couple of years ago, and since then, my business has experienced a true transformation concerning the ways in which I handle my customers in terms of having better control over their wagering habits.

This bookie software is like nothing I have utilized before since it displays a series of valuable reports which are quite comprehensible even for the novice computer user.

Therefore, I’m able to simplify the analytical aspects of my betting operation, which allows me to increase my revenue in an effortless way.

I’ve been taking wagers for more than 14 years.

And, to get a decent remuneration, a lot of hard work was demanded back in the day.

Now everything is quite simple since bookies like me are able to utilize state-of-the-art technologies and are also backed up by offshore call center services delivered by skilled and experienced clerks and managers, and everything for a very acceptable weekly fee.

Before I started utilizing these services, it was not unusual for me to be awakened by phone calls in the middle of the night from clients who had a sudden presage about a particular sporting event and wanted to get some betting action immediately.

Well, since it’s all about profits, I had no problem with booking their wagers.

But it surely was a continuous stressful situation.

Now that I’m using call center outsourcing from a PPH company, I don’t have that problem anymore since my clients are able to phone-in their bets at any time as they work under a 24/7, all-year-round schedule.

To be backed up by phone service is also particularly good when it comes to peak betting times.

PPH Shop clerks provide my customers with an effective, quick, and polite response that allows me to obtain better earnings since I’m covering the wagering action of all of my clients without even having to touch the phone. And this has proven to be a priceless advantage for me.

A while back, I saw the great potential of the internet to make businesses and I certainly wanted to be there in order to be able to acquire more clients in an easier way.

But now I count on a web presence without the great monetary costs of maintaining a fully operating website as this company has provided me with my own web portal that includes custom site design and a domain name chosen by me.

Now my clients can get their wagers placed online whenever they want and I am also able to promote my site to potential customers.

I am certainly looking forward to keeping on working with this PPH shop since I and my clients have been treated outstandingly and I have not found any other establishment that can offer me such a variety of services for such great prices.

Trustworthy Bookie Software From A Top Pay Per Head Shop

A Pay per Head shop is an offshore company that offers professional bookie software and proficient outsourcing solutions to all bookmakers out there who are interested in taking their wagering operations to the next level.

Most of these companies are located in Costa Rica, a country from where they’re able to grant trustworthy services such as internet, call center, and bookie software solutions to onshore clients in a legal way as they operate under established local gambling laws.

A top pay per head shop counts with modern infrastructure that includes cutting-edge technology and even a powerful industrial generator that allows them to operate without interruptions in a 24/7 schedule, all year round.

They also guarantee the privacy of the bookmakers with whom they are doing business with.

And that’s because a PPH Shop doesn’t require any of their personal information in order to grant them services either online or over the phone.

All that’s needed for players to have access to a range of solutions is a simple user name and password.

This is quite convenient as all of their wagering activity is not attached to any names, which means that lawful consequences are almost impossible.

The PPH Shop’s customer relationship management policies are based on courtesy and professionalism.

This means that when a client of an agent speaks with one of their clerks, he is sure to be treated cordially and to receive prompt service,

The reason is that the pay per head company has trained their personnel with many different skills that make their staff solid and professional.

Bookies dealing with a PPH Shop don’t have to worry about moving lines.

This is because these companies count on a team of skilled and experienced individuals who have been doing this for decades.

These gambling experts truly knows how to handle lines in a way in which the players of bookies can be pleased with what is presented to them.

And this is also quite convenient for bookmakers as it provides them with a winning edge over their clientele.

Now, a PPH company not only offer sports wagering and horse betting solutions.

These companies also offer casino gaming services, which guarantees higher profits to bookies as a good portion of their clients will certainly be interested in playing games such as blackjack, roulette, and poker.

This allows the bookie to obtain more cash coming out of their casino plays (all earnings go to the bookmaker as the PPH company only charges a weekly fee for the usage of this service).

A pay per head shop handles all sorts of betting portfolios.

This includes small and large betting operations.

They also count on multilingual agents who are native Spanish, Mandarin, and Cantonese speakers.

This means that bookies that handle this type of client can also considerably benefit from these solutions as such customers will be served by clerks with whom they share a cultural bond.

A Top Bookie Software Company Offers Outstanding Solutions for Fair Weekly Prices

Pay per Head offices are quite ample and equipped with the latest on communication technologies.

These are possible thanks to strategic relationships that allow PPH companies to count on different internet and phone sources.

This is something that guarantees bookies that their clients will be able to get in touch with the PPH Shop call center at any time; and also those conversations will always be fluent and clear.

The success formula of the PPH shop consists of different elements that are combined in a series of service packs which are time-bound and also cost-effective.

This guarantees that bookmakers who are using any of their solutions (including in-house bookie software) will be obtaining business enhancements that are precise and inexpensive.

Since the PPH Shop is aware of the different demands attached to a betting operation, they count on a team of senior managers who are effective planners and can see the big picture.

They are in charge of guiding a team of skilled clerks and provide them with the necessary knowledge and tools to operative effectively.

Also, when agents allow PPH companies to handle their business data, agents avoid any legal hassles as the pay per head shop operates under the gambling laws of Costa Rica.

Therefore, the clients of bookies placing their bets with the PPH Shop are processing their wagering action legally and also in a very discreet way since the pay per head company doesn’t ask for any personal information.

All they require is their individual pin and password.

This ensures that the name of the bettor is protected and that the bookmaker is really not connected to any wagers in a direct way.

Every bookmaker that signs up for an account with a PPH Shop obtains an internet service pack.

This includes a personal website, with a custom domain name.
Bookies can also add a casino service to this pack so their players can utilize games such as poker, roulette, and blackjack.

This guarantees an extra source of income for the bookmaker, allowing him to count with a monetary balance in times when the sports betting portion of his business is fairly low.

And, when it comes to phone services, bookies will obtain their own toll-free number.

This allows bookmakers to count with more credibility in terms of promoting their services to brand new clients.

Such phone calls are free of charge for both the bookie and his clients as the agent only needs to pay the agreed weekly fee for the service.

Real Advantages Of Using A Leading Bookie Software Provider

One of the main advantages of using pay per head services delivered by a prestigious bookie software provider is the availability of multilingual clerks.

Such benefits can help bookies to expand their businesses to different markets such as the Hispanic and the Chinese.

Top PPH organizations are recognized for counting with native English speaking personnel.

This means that when the client of a bookmaker is on the phone with a clerk, they are sure to be pleased with the type of service received since communication between both parties is always fluent and clear.

And, if you are interested in exploring markets such as soccer betting, it will also be a great advantage for you if you can count on the assistance of Spanish-speaking clerks.

A trustful bookie software company should also be able of handling all sorts of betting portfolios.

This means that if a bookie is taking wagers from people interested in sports and horse betting, the PPH establishment should be able to cover these areas with absolute professionalism.

Therefore, when looking for the right PPH shop, it’s important to find out if they’re specialized in a specific market niche, or if they’re broad in their servicing offerings.

A casino service is also a sign of being dealing with the right outsourcing organization.

This is a key element that allows bookies to increase their profiting potential.

Such casino gaming solution can help bookmakers to acquire casino-only clients and to keep the poker or roulette action of their sports betting customers as well.

Mobile betting is the latest wagering technology, and companies offering this type of solution are sure to be among the most reputable ones.

Clients of bookmakers who are making use of this service are able to place bets privately no matter where they are as this is a text-based system that can be utilized from any cell phone.

A personalized 800 number is another feature that distinguishes top companies from the average ones.

This allows bookies to promote their businesses using a phone line that only their clients will be using.

Such a number is not reachable through the internet, which promotes a convenient perception of the bookmaker’s operation concerning security.

Agents should also look for internet services that are offered with a personal domain name and adjustable web design, as this allows them to count with a promotional internet presence.

And this allows the bookie to increase his notoriety compared to others who rely on shops that do not offer customization.

All of these benefits are exceptional only when they are delivered for a low weekly fee.

Therefore, another aspect to consider is to look for an organization that is located offshore.

This means that the shop spends less money on key elements such as personnel and infrastructure, resulting in lower prices.

Knowing this is essential for bookies to spend their money on services with can actually help them improve their businesses, thus facilitating an increment in earnings.