Becoming a Bookie: Powerful, Simple Steps to Get It Done

Learning about Becoming a Bookie takes a few simple steps.

If you follow them, you will soon be able to run your own successful sports betting and gaming operation, effortlessly.

Becoming a Bookie: What’s an Agent?

We’re starting our guide on Becoming a Bookie with a brief summary of what a bookmaking agent is:

A bookmaker is someone that processes the wagering and casino action of bettors and gamblers.

In the past, old school agents were forced to process all the action manually.

But nowadays everything is done using the services of an offshore Pay per Head shop.

This means that when you become a bookmaker, you don’t have to process any wagers at all!

The reason is that the PPH Shop offers you an online website and access to an overseas call center (read more about it below).

This allows players to always get their action when they want to, without having to contact you directly.

Becoming a Bookie: The Steps to Take

Steps to become a bookie:

Becoming a Bookie requires just 3 simple steps:

  1. Get funds
  2. Get a great Bookie Software and other pay per head services
  3. Start running a succesful sports betting operation

You start by getting the cash you need. The reason is because, without startup funds, there’s really no way for you to keep a good image.

And, keeping a positive image is exactly what can make the difference for you as an agent.

Then, you must get sports betting software services.

These are the tools that allow you to run your business as a true professional, including bookie software.

Allowing you to compete head-to-head with the large online sportsbooks.

And, of course, you should get the necessary knowledge that gives you the pro image you need to attract new prospects.

Becoming a Bookie Step 1: Get the Funds

The first step related to learning about Becoming a Bookie is to get the so much needed startup funds.

You really can’t start a wagering and gambling operation without money.

The reason is because you need to keep a positive image since day one.

This means that you need to always pay winning bets. No exception.

And, just like with any other business out there, the first stages are always challenging in terms of covering costs.

With that said, operational costs, also known as overhead costs, are really not expensive at all for agents.

The reason is because modern bookies operate with the help of Pay per Head services (read below).

So, the actual challenge during the first stages of the business is focused on paying winners.

If you manage to do this, you can keep the kind of positive perception that will continue to attract new clients by word of mouth marketing.

Getting the money: Sources

There are three main sources from where you can get the cash you need to start your sports betting and gaming operation:

  • Your own cash
  • Someone close to you
  • An investor

Your own cash

If you have the cash you need in your bank account, then this is the best option.

The reason is because this is your own money, which means that you don’t have to pay anybody; and so

you don’t have to share your profits!

This is really the best scenario because you’re making an investment in your future.

In other words, investing your own cash in your sports betting and gaming operation is an extremely calculated risk.

It’s almost like a safe bet!

Someone close to you

Another option is to get this cash from someone close to you.

This can be either a family member, a friend or simply a person that you know; and who you believe can give you a hand with this matter.

An investor

You can also consider the possibility of getting these startup funds from an investor.

This is a person or company, that can give you the funds you need.

If you’re dealing with an individual investor, chances are that the person is just looking to get his money back, plus a profit.

On the other hand, an investment company may want more than just a profit.

This type of business may even want a piece of your sports betting and gaming operation.

In other words, they may want to become your partners.

Now, if you’re an agent that’s ok with the concept of working with a partner, then this option may just work great in your case.

Otherwise, you may want to work with someone that just wants to get a profit; and it’s not going to influence your business decisions at all.

It’s also important to mention that working on your own means that you’re assuming the full risk of the operation.

And, if you work with a partner, you can actually share that risk.

Becoming a Bookie Step 2: Get Pay per Head services

The second step related to learning about Becoming a Bookie is to find a reputable PPH shop and get Pay per Head services.

These are the bookmaking solutions that can help you manage your operation trouble-free.

A price per head shop basically empowers the bookie with all the necessary data management services.

So, by working with a good PPH Shop, the only job of the bookie is to get more and more clients on a regular basis.

Here are the services provided by the price per head company:

  • Online sports betting and gaming
  • Call center wagering

Online sports betting and gaming

This is basically a website that becomes available for the players of the bookie once the latter becomes a client of the PPH Shop.

Counting with this service is really advantageous because most players get their action online these days.

This means that by offering this web betting and gaming solution; an agent automatically becomes a direct competitor to the large online sportsbooks.

With the added advantage that price per head shops don’t require the personal information of players to process their wagering or gambling action.

This means that the bookie counts with a great advantage: his operation is even more secure than a regular sportsbook.

And that’s because the latter needs personal data, including credit card information.

So, it’s safe to assume that most bettors out there are more satisfied with a service that offers more privacy and security.

In other words: the full advantage goes to the bookie.

Sportsbook only, or extra casino services

Now, when you first get in touch with a Pay per Head company, you will be asked what kind of services you’re after.

If you’re a bookie, chances are that you’ll just ask for the sportsbook solutions from the price per head shop.

On the other hand, if you’re also a gambling professional, you may also be after casino services for bookies.

And, this is fully possible by working with a reputable PPH Shop.

With that said, sportsbook services are considered the “standard” pack of solutions.

And, if you want the online casino, it’s likely that you’ll have to pay an extra for it.

Paying a little extra per week to the PPH Shop is actually ok.

And the reason is because this gambling service can help you double your profits in an effortless way.

Call center wagering

When you sign up with a PPH Shop, the other service players automatically get access to is call center wagering.

This means that players are able to dial a 1-800 number to get in touch with the call center; and always get their action without having to pay a single cent for the call.

The reason for this is because the price per head shop grants you your own 1-800 number.

So, nobody else but your clients will be dialing such number.

And, this level of personalization is really worth every penny.

Basically, because it makes your sports betting and gaming operation more attractive to prospective clients.

Pay per Head Costa Rica

Now, it’s important to work with a price per head shop from Costa Rica.

This is because this is a country that offers the perfect conditions for the best PPH Shops to flourish; while operating seamlessly.

Costa Rica is home to many of the large online names in the industry.

And these are two of the main reasons why:

  • Many skilled wagering clerks
  • Great communications technology

So, by counting with the proper “niche” labor force, and the right technological tools; this is definitely the best option for wagering and gambling data management companies to do business in.

Especially because overhead costs are lower. So, by saving in these costs, the PPH Shop is able to re-

invest that cash into better services for the agent and his players.

Becoming a Bookie Step 3: Get Knowledge to Get New Players

The third step related to learning about Becoming a Bookie is to get knowledge on three main areas:

  • Sports and math
  • Business and sales
  • Online marketing

Sports and math

In order to sign up new clients for your sports betting and gaming operation, you want to appear as the most knowledgeable bookmaking agent out there.

And, the only way you can do this is by taking some time to learn as much as possible about sports, and also on the math related to sports and wagering.

Remember that when looking for new clients, you will be dealing with all sorts of players.

Some of them are new to wagering and gambling, and others are considered pros.

So, if you really want to have the chance of making a good impression on your prospects; make sure to master this area as much as you can.

Business and Sales

You don’t have to get an MBA, but learning some business can also help you look more professional.

Just grab some of the better-rated business books for beginners on Amazon.

And then, try to absorb as much knowledge as possible.

To become successful, you must also acquire a salesman mentality.

This means that you need to be selling your wagering and gambling operation all the time and to everybody.

And, just like with business, you don’t have to acquire a college degree in sales.

Instead, just look for the right books, and learn as much as you can on your own.

Of course, if you know a professional business or salesman that is willing to mentor you; then this is definitely an opportunity you shouldn’t pass on.

Just try to grab as much knowledge as possible from as many different resources, and you’ll be headed in the right direction.

Online marketing

Online marketing is also another important area to master when learning about Becoming a Bookie.

The reason for this is because players are always online, which means that you can find many prospects on the web.

And, the way you do that is by getting interested in the stuff your players are interested in.

You should visit the places they visit, and become their online friend, before you can actually promote yourself as a top bookmaker.

And, it really also helps if you find all the material you can on online marketing. Just like with business and sales, visit amazon, and grab as many books as possible on the subject.

You also really want to become good with social media.

And the reason is because this is one of the most important tools to help you acquire online players for your operation.

As you can see, learning about Becoming a Bookie takes three simple steps that, when followed, can guide you to acquire success as a bookmaking agent.