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NCAA Tournament Picks: March Madness 2021 Elite 8 Bet Prediction

NCAA Tournament Picks: March Madness 2021 Elite 8 Bet Prediction

Elite 8 teams for March Madness 2021 have been chosen, and now it’s time to show you our NCAA tournament picks so that you can make the best bet prediction. Learn all about betting college basketball.

Houston Cougars vs. Oregon State Beavers Bet Prediction

Let’s start with March Madness NCAA Tournament Picks for Houston vs Oregon State.

Oregon State Beavers Elite 8 Bet Prediction

The Beavers proved versus Loyola that they can play some great defense.

Sure it was an ugly game, but Oregon State managed to keep the Ramblers 5 of 23 from the three line and 33% from the field.

With that said, their offensive also showed up when it had to, converting 18 of 20 free throws.

The Beavers have won 6 straight and continue to find ways to move up the ladder, but…

Houston Cougars Elite 8 Bet Prediction

If you want a good defensive show, you’ll have it with Houston as this team managed to keep Syracuse to 5 of 23 from the three line, and 46 points total.

And sure, we all know the Beavers are great at stopping teams from the three line, but the Cougars are just better.

Houston is also a flashy team that can attack the rim at both ends, and being #1 at keeping teams to under sixty points per game, they’re on their way to the final four.

  • Predicted Winner: Houston Cougars
  • Point Spread: Houston -8

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Baylor Bears vs. Arkansas Razorbacks Bet Prediction

Now let’s check out NCAA Tournament Picks for Baylor vs. Arkansas.

Arkansas Razorbacks Elite 8 Bet Prediction

Arkansas didn’t play well and they still got the win.

It really helped that Oral Roberts missed a shot at the buzzer, allowing the Razorbacks to survive the game 72-70 and sending them to an elite 8 collision vs. Baylor.

The Hogs are one of the nation’s highest-scoring teams.

And, even though they’re not the best at shooting threes, they’re certainly not bad at all.

Baylor Bears Elite 8 Bet Prediction

The Bears also didn’t play well and still got the win.

They were not as bad from the three vs. Villanova as the Razorbacks were vs. ORU, but it was close.

Now we definitely know that Baylor counts with a defensive lineup that can step up at any moment.

They managed to take the ball away from the Wildcats 16 times, and this really made all the difference.

With that said, the Bears are known for being an offensive team, just as Arkansas is.

And so this is promising to be the great offensive show that we’ve been missing the whole tournament.

They both will go on scoring runs and appear to dominate at times, but according to the experts, it’s Baylor that will get the victory.

  • Predicted winner: Baylor Bears
  • Point Spread: Baylor -6.5

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USC Trojans vs. Gonzaga Bulldogs Bet Prediction

It’s time to check out NCAA Tournament Picks for USC vs. Gonzaga

USC Trojans Elite 8 Bet Prediction

This is really the team that can give Gonzaga some real problems.

And, although the Trojans beat Oregon 82-68, this is a very defensive-minded team, and they’re great at managing the tempo.

They’re also outstanding at stopping the three, and they lead the nation in blocks.

Oregon’s production from outside was just not present versus USC, and they managed to throw just 38% from the field.

USC is a great defensive team, and they go to the free-throw line a lot.

Plus, they have the ability to stop Gonzaga inside and out.

So what’s the problem?…

Gonzaga Bulldogs Elite 8 Bet Prediction

Despite their good defense, the Trojans turn the ball over a lot.

USC turned the ball over 14 times vs Oregon, and 13 times versus Kansas.

And that wasn’t a problem as the Trojans annihilated those two teams.

But Gonzaga is a ruthless team in this sense.

The Bulldogs are great at converting turnovers into points, and they just have too many stars (Corey Kispert is the best current NCAA basketball player) and weapons.

There’s just no other team that moves the ball around in a better way than Gonzaga, and they’re also one of the best teams when it comes to generating steals.

Indeed, these guys always find a way to make baskets no matter what.

So, this is promising to be a thrilling clash between a Gonzaga team that’s amazing at creating offensive opportunities versus USC’s outstanding defense.

Will the Bulldogs’ playmakers have the last word? Or will the Trojans move to the next round thanks to one last defensive stop?

  • Predicted Winner: USC
  • Point Spread: Gonzaga -9.5

UCLA Bruins vs. Michigan Wolverines Bet Prediction

Last but not least, NCAA Tournament Picks for UCLA vs. Michigan.

UCLA Bruins Elite 8 Bet Prediction

Apart from Gonzaga, is there any other team with such confidence?

In their Sweet 16 game vs. Alabama, and pressured by time, the Bruins managed to score 23 points in 5 minutes for a final 88-78 win.

It also helped that Bama wasn’t able to hit a free throw to save their season.

Now, the Wolverines have a fantastic defensive lineup, but just a few weeks ago, Ohio State proved that they can be beaten from the outside, which means the Bruins can beat Michigan if the threes are falling.

Here’s a cool stat about that: Michigan is 5-0 when they’ve managed to keep teams to 35% or less production from the three line, and they’re 0-3 when three-pointers go above 35%.

Plus, the Bruins have hit the 35% mark from three in all of their last four tournament games, and in 8 of their last 10 overall.

Michigan Wolverines Elite 8 Bet Prediction

Free throws and 3’s were terrible for Michigan vs Florida State, and yet, they defeated the Seminoles 76-58.

This is all due to outstanding defense, forcing rivals to bad shots as they go out of their normal rhythm.

And the experts believe the bruins just don’t have what it takes to beat the Wolverines.

If you’re betting on UCLA, you’re counting on the Bruins hitting the threes. But in reality, this team is not really good at this, and they’re not very proficient at stealing the ball either.

Alabama finished with 14 turnovers versus UCLA and that was a killer for them.

The Wolverines are just not going to turn over the ball enough, so forget about fast break points by the Bruins this time.

All in all, Michigan’s defense gives them the edge on this one.

  • Predicted winner: Wolverines
  • Point Spread: Michigan -7.5.

Now that you know the best NCAA tournament picks for the current Elite 8, it’s time to make your own March Madness 2021 bet prediction, and win big. Best of luck!

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