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Horse Betting Tips: Quick Info to Make You Some Cash

Horse Betting Tips: Quick Info to Make You Some Cash
Horse Betting Tips: Quick Info to Make You Some Cash

Horse Betting Tips: When it comes to placing wagers on horses, you should truly know what you are doing or you might as well fall short and lose your money faster than you might think.

That is why we are creating this simple guide that will help you avoid any sort of misunderstandings concerning the strategies that you might use in order to make it out of the racetrack with your pockets full of cash.

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Horse Betting Tips to Help You Win

The first of the horse betting tips we can give you is that you should place wagers on horses that had won races before.

This is especially true if those races were significantly important (Triple Crown, Breeders Cup winners).

And that’s because you will know how those horses might perform, and will give you an edge over horses which are unknown to you.

You should also look up for horses that have a decent chance of coming up with the win but which are not the horses everybody is betting on.

This means that you should bet on a horse that is considered important, but that is not presented as a winner by bet takers, as they might possess more information than you concerning what the horse can actually do and might prevent you from winning some cash.

One of the best horse betting tips is that you should be quite selective when it comes to wagering on a race.

This means that you don’t have to bet on every single race out there. Instead, choose a few which you believe are better than the rest in terms of the horses that will be racing and the odds on such colts.

Also, do not forget that it is better to put your cash on a horse that has run in recent times.

And try to avoid those which have been inactive for some time as they might not be fully prepared to face the challenges of the racetrack.

You should also consider the jockey, as you should go for one that carries some experience as he will certainly know how to handle the pace of a race, but of course, you should consider the horse first.

So, if there is an experienced jockey on a horse that has run recently and that have fair odds to win, you should put some cash on such colt as such formula will give you an advantage over the horse betting agent.

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Horse Betting Tips: Learn The Terms

Any person that says horse racing is not an exciting sport is probably because it has never been to a racetrack in his/her life.

And, once you get to comprehend all-things related to the processes of the sport, it will be almost inevitable that you become fond of horse betting, allowing you to beat your bookmaking agent in the process.

While it has been referred to as the sport of the kings, it really doesn’t take a bunch of gold to place a few wagers and make some good cash at it.

And here is a good explanation of the terms that you need to be familiar with in order to get started.

Win: If you are to bet to win, it means just that the horse that you chose has to finish first.

Place: If you place a wager to place, then it means that you are betting to a horse that you believe it is going to come in second.

Show: And following in the 123 line, show is exactly the horse that comes in third. In my personal opinion, to place a bet to show is one of the safest bets but it doesn’t pay as well as placing a wager to win or to place.

The Daily Double: if you are the type of person that is considered as talented for picking up winners, then you should try the Daily Double, as you will be choosing the winners of 2 races in a row. Commonly, the early daily double is the 1st 2 races and the late daily double is the 2 last races on a given day of competition in the same track.

Quinella: if you are not really too sure about who might finish 1st between 2 given horses, then to utilize this type of wager might come quite convenient for you as you will be betting two horses that you believe are going to come in 1st and 2nd, it doesn’t matter in which order.

Exacta: This is a type of wager that is very similar to the quinella, except that the order of the horses does matter. For example, if you are betting 5-8 exacta, horse number 5 should win and horse number 8 should come in second, and, since the order is important here, the payout is also quite better.

Trifecta: I truly enjoy it when I bet a trifecta and I win, but unfortunately, to make cash out of this type of wager is not as easy. When you are placing a trifecta, you are betting on the first 3 horses to end up the race in order.

For instance, if you are betting on horses 4-5-6, then horse number four should win, horse number 5 should place and horse number 6 should show. Though it is hard to hit them, if you are lucky enough to do so, then you will certainly receive a great payout.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our easy horse betting tips, and we wish you the best luck at the racetrack!

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