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NFL Week 15 Betting Recap: Chiefs vs Saints

NFL Week 15 Betting Recap: Right on The Point Spread Line

NFL Week 15 Betting Recap
NFL Week 15 Betting Recap

When the point differential for a given NFL game is right on the point spread, or maybe just within a point or so, the average joe thinks oddsmakers showed their expertise when setting the original line.

But the truth is that this scenario can be a potential headache for the bookies.

This is exactly what happened Sunday, when the game between the Chiefs and the Saints, the one with the most money on it, fell within just half a point of the point spread, or right on the line. This depending on the sportsbook where the bet was made.

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When it comes to finances, the game wasn’t a total disaster for bookmaking operations, but it didn’t make them substantial profits, either.

KC started as 4-point favs, but the wagering, some of it sharp cash, kept the line low to 3.5, then 3, and even 2.5 at some sportsbooks.

Kansas City maintained the lead for most of the game, but NOLA was always close in the scoreboard, and a TD by quarterback Drew Brees to Lil’Jordan Humphrey with less than 3 minutes to play was enough to close the score 32-29.

For some players, the 3-point win by the Chiefs was good enough as their sportsbooks had moved the wagering line below the three-point threshold.

But other big operators kept the line at 3.

This was the biggest game for the bookies.

And with the public betting a lot of the cash on the Chiefs’ money line, and with the line falling right on the number, it was bad for some sports betting operations and standard for others.

A big reason for this is the parlays.

For sportsbooks that retained the line at 3, it was definitely less expensive to pay bets that involved the point spread for the Chiefs with a push than to pay the same type of bet as a win.

In sum, bookies really don’t make cash when the game falls on the number, so, they are never all that happy when they are “right on the line.”

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