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NFL Week 12 Betting Recap: That Broncos Game…

NFL Week 12 Betting Recap: That Broncos Game...

NFL Week 12 Betting Recap: That Broncos Game…

This has been the most difficult week for the NFL in terms of covid-19. And of course, this had a big impact on the betting landscape for the past weekend.

Let’s start with the postponed game between the Steelers and the Ravens, which finished with a close 19-14 win for Pittsburgh yesterday.

Now, when it comes to the game between the Saints and the Broncos.

The line for this game opened for the Saints as 5.5 favorites.

But after all of the quarterbacks for Denver tested positive for covid, the line skyrocketed from 15.5 to even 17 points.

The Broncos were forced to start Kendall Hinton, a wide receiver who played quarterback at Wake Forest.

But he was able to complete just one of nine passes for 13 yards and threw for two interceptions.

When it comes to the Chiefs-Bucs game, the result was a real bummer if you placed a wager on the favorite.

The Chiefs were unstoppable during the first half and scored 17 straight points.

The Bucs tried to settle things down a little bit during the second quarter scoring the only touchdown of the period, slicing KC’s advantage and sending the game 20-7 into the third quarter.

During the third period, Patrick Mahomes and his teammates flipped the script and took the lead once again leading 27-7 into the fourth.

But Tom Brady wasn’t going to leave that game without a good fight.

The Buccaneers managed to score 14 straight points, but those weren’t enough as Kansas City ended up getting the win 27-24.

So those betting this game on the favorite were definitely jumping and celebrating during the first half of the game

But everything went downhill when Kansas City wasn’t able to cover at the end of the game.

The way this game started this never looked possible.

When it comes to the game between the Panthers and the Vikings this was definitely a bummer on both sides.

If you placed a bet on Carolina on the money line, this was probably a tough game to watch.

And if you placed a bet on the Under 50, it was probably equally bad for you.

Now, when it comes to totals, the one for the game between the Saints and the Broncos, 36.5, was very reminiscent of what we saw back in the 80s and 90s when we will see totals in the 30s, but now that’s very rare.

And there was a very good reason for that: all of the top three quarterbacks for Denver were on reserve due to covid-19.

So they actually used wide receiver Kendall Hinton, who played quarterback back at Wake Forest, as their passer for this particular game.

But that test ended up just like you would have imagined: pretty bad.

Hinton was able to complete just one out of nine past attempts, and it was definitely brutal.

The game finished 31-3 favoring the Saints, who acquired their 9th victory of the season and handled the Broncos their 7th loss of the year.

Needless to say, those betting the over were also met with disappointment as oddsmakers were completely right.

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