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NFL Week 11 Betting Recap: Bettors Got Beaten Again, Who To Bet Next?

NFL Week 11 Betting Recap: Bettors Got Beaten Again, Who To Bet Next?

NFL Week 11 Betting Recap: Bettors Got Beaten Again, Who To Bet Next?

Week 11 of the current season of the National Football League.

On Sunday, those placing bets were basically destroyed by wagering results.

And that’s because two betting favorites such as the Dolphins and the Patriots both lost versus the spread and outright.

Even the totals mostly came at the under, which is usually not a great outcome for bettors.

In cases for games where the dog was more favored by the public, including the games for the Packers, the Bengals, and the Falcons, the decisions went on to favor the sportsbooks.

Let’s put it this way:

The hold for the sportsbook is regularly between 5% and 6% on average.

But on Sunday for some sportsbooks, such hold was a little over 20%.

The biggest decision-makers for the sportsbooks were actually the Dolphins and the Packers.

On one hand, we have Miami, a team that on some sportsbooks had 94% of the point spread betting tickets.

On the other, we have Green Bay, who had 88% of the money line tickets.

The Dolphins, which were 4-point favorites playing the Broncos, lost that game 20-13.

The Packers, 1.5-point underdogs, lost to the Colts in overtime 34-31.

And those results definitely annihilated a lot of parlays.

When it comes to the over and under, those were actually a mixed bag for people betting totals.

8 of the total 12 Sunday games ended up favoring the under.

There were a couple of disappointments, including Falcons versus Saints, and Bengals versus the Washington team.

And the game between the Eagles and the Browns was a rare anticipated under that ended up favoring the public.

Not The Best Day For Parlays

Indeed, some of the top wagering teams went down in flames, including the New York Jets, who got 9.5 points, managed to cover versus the Chargers, despite losing 34-28.

In fact, there were probably just a handful of wagers alive by the time the Chiefs played the Raiders in the night game.

In that contest, the underdog, Las Vegas +7.5, managed to cover in what it finished as a 27-24 loss. And the over 55.5 failed to make it there.

Mega Bets Took The Day Off

Not many mega bets were placed on Sunday as sportsbooks registered earlier in the season.

But many bookies attributed this to the actual time of the year, which is just before the Thanksgiving holidays.

But that’s not to say that there weren’t any five or six-figure wagers.

NFL Notes:

  • Tua got benched in the fourth quarter of the Miami loss, but he remains the starter.
  • The Chargers are really happy with Justin Herbert, and Washington, the Dolphins, and the Lions are all probably regretting not taking him before LA.
  • It’s official, the Bengals will be using their second-string quarterback for the rest of the season. Joe Burrow tore his ACL and MCL in his left knee at Washington. The player was put on injured reserve and will not be playing for the rest of the season. As of now, nobody is sure if he’s going to be present next year.
  • The question is: Where do Lamar Jackson and the Ravens offensive stand after losing two out of three?

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