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2020 NBA Draft Results: A Different, Yet Exciting Class

2020 NBA Draft Results: A Different, Yet Exciting Class

2020 NBA Draft Results: A Different, Yet Exciting Class

2020 NBA Draft Results: This class was unlike any previously held. We watched as NBA Commissioner Adam Silver stood all by himself for the first round, while players checked in from home. But, all in all, the madness that is synonymous with this amazing event was well preserved.

2020 NBA Draft Results First Round

Let’s check out a quick rundown of how well NBA teams did with their first-round picks.

2020 NBA Draft Results: 1. Minnesota Twolves: Anthony Edwards / Georgia

Edwards is talented, but he was just not that good in college.

Criticism towards him points to his lack of passion.

But with the right mentorship, he can turn into a top-flight scorer.

2020 NBA Draft Results: 2. Golden State Warriors: James Wiseman / Memphis

If you put Wiseman next to healthy versions of Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson (not anymore), and you get a squad that’s able to compete for another title.

2020 NBA Draft Results: 3. Charlotte Hornets: LaMelo Ball / USA

Lamelo was a no-brainer for the Hornets.

Yes, the Charlotte franchise has good guards, but this guy has the potential to be a superstar.

And yes, there’s a lot of things to be improved, starting with defense.

But, if he’s able to become the best version of himself, he will definitely turn into the best player in this draft class.

And let’s not forget that he can play off the ball, but it’s better if you allow him to keep it because he’s a very creative player.

2020 NBA Draft Results: 4. Chicago Bulls: Patrick Williams / Florida State

This is way high for Patrick Williams.

He’s a decent player but he’s not a great shooter yet.

2020 NBA Draft Results: 5. Cleveland Cavaliers: Isaac Okoro / Auburn

Isaac is a tremendous prospect.

He’s great on the defensive end, and he has the instinct.

If he’s able to develop a reliable jump shot, he’s going to be awesome.

2020 NBA Draft Results: 6. Atlanta Hawks: Onyeka Okongwu / USC

Onyeka is great, but this is a strange fit for the Hawks.

2020 NBA Draft Results: 7. Detroit Pistons: Killian Hayes / France

Just like with the case above, I don’t think this is the best fit for Hayes.

He’s a creative, trustworthy guard.

But he definitely needs to work on his jump shot.

If the Pistons organization believes he can develop the jumper, then this pick makes lots of sense.

2020 NBA Draft Results: 8. New York Knicks: Obi Toppin / Dayton

Knicks’ fans will definitely love this guy.

They need someone to be excited about, and this is a player that’s favorite for NBA Rookie of the Year.

2020 NBA Draft Results: 9. Washington Wizards: Deni Avdija / Israel

A lot of critics believe this player was the best international pick.

With that said, there are some mixed reviews about him coming from European scouts.

Let’s see how it goes for the Wizards.

2020 NBA Draft Results: 10. Phoenix Suns: Jalen Smith / Maryland

A lot of people like Jaden Smith, but not for the Top 10.

He’s more of a stretch 5, and that’s just not a position that’s considered of great value.

With that said, the Suns have a long history of doing things that, for critics, don’t make sense at the moment, but that turn out to be good calls in the long-term.

11. San Antonio Spurs: Devin Vassell / Florida State

I like this choice. He’s able to shoot above 40% from the three-point range, and that’s for two seasons.

This is also a great fit for San Antonio because he’s a defensive-minded player, and this is synonymous with the Spurs.

12. Sacramento Kings: Tyrese Haliburton / Iowa State

For the critics, this guy was perfect for the Hawks at number six, but he’s still the perfect prospect for the Kings.

He can play off the ball like a real point guard.

And he’s able to fill important needs for Sacramento, so they can’t do better than this.

13. New Orleans Pelicans: Kira Lewis Jr. / Alabama

This kid is fast and he can shoot.

He’s a PG with speed and size, and he’s also very skilled.

He might be the best point guard in this class.

If you add this guy to the Pelicans and pair him with Zion Williamson, this can be outstanding.

14. Boston Celtics: Aaron Nesmith / Vanderbilt

A great solid pick for the Celtics.

This guy got injured in college, but he’s still a great shooter.

15. Orlando Magic: Cole Anthony / North Carolina

Anthony didn’t have a good year at North Carolina.

He split his time there being inefficient and getting injured.

With that said, he was not surrounded by the kind of players that can help him become a difference-maker.

This is a great choice for the Magic at the point guard position.

16. Detroit Pistons: Isaiah Stewart / Washington

This guy was really productive during his time with the Wizards.

But, he’s just not that passionate about the league. Right now he’s considered a throwback, although a very good one.

17. Oklahoma City Thunder: Aleksej Pokusevski / Serbia

He will need to add some weight.

The good thing is that he’s only 18 and he can play the perimeter phenomenally right now.

Definitely a solid pick.

18. Dallas Mavericks: Josh Green / Arizona

If you’re someone that values athleticism, then Green is one of the best in this draft class.

With that said, he’s not a very polished player, and he was not a stand-out at Arizona.

But when it comes to the NBA, athleticism does matter, and if you can get him to work on his weak areas, then he’s on his way to play at a higher level.

19. Detroit Pistons: Saddiq Bey / Villanova

This guy could have been picked within the top 10 but he wasn’t, so the Pistons were lucky to get him at 19.

Saddiq is one of the guys that’s most NBA-ready from this draft class, and he can be a good player immediately.

20. Miami Heat: Precious Achiuwa, Memphis

Point guard seem to be a bigger need for the Heat.

But this guy is one of the most productive players in the league.

21. Philadelphia 76ers: Tyrese Maxey / Kentucky

This player lacks as a shooter.

But NBA scouts agree that he can improve on this particular skill with time, and with the right mentorship.

He can also play great hoops and has had some big games throughout his short yet brilliant career.

And if he manages to improve the shooting problem, he can do great things in the future.

22. Denver Nuggets: Zeke Nnaji / Arizona

Many were putting Nnaji in the second round, but he’s actually a borderline first-round pick.

He’s a very athletic player but needs to work on his defense.

23. Minnesota Timberwolves: Leandro Bolmaro / Argentina

The Knicks owned this pick, but they sent it to the T-Wolves once they got it.

It will be a while until he makes it from Spain to the US, but once he does, he should turn into a very versatile and functional player for Minnesota.

24. Denver Nuggets: RJ Hampton / USA

This guy is a combo guard, and he’s also able to run an offense amazingly well.

He has great size and athleticism and that will allow him to become a very dynamic scorer in the league.

If you’re able to get someone like him, with that kind of upside, you definitely need to add it to your roster.

25. New York Knicks: Immanuel Quickley / Kentucky

He was able to shoot 42% from the three-point range last season.

But to be honest, this is almost 30 spots higher than what most critics were expecting for him.

His upside right now definitely does not fit this place in the current draft class.

But, he can become a great shooter for the Knicks in the near future.

26. Boston Celtics: Payton Pritchard / Oregon

Many people were surprised to see Pritchard getting drafted by the Celtics because many believe he’s not NBA ready yet.

It will be interesting to see what he can do at this level for Boston.

27. Utah Jazz: Udoka Azubuike / Kansas

This guy’s able to dunk everything.

Well, his value is really focused on the paint area.

So that can lead him to struggle and find a place other than the backup for Rudy Gobert.

28. Minnesota Timberwolves: Jaden McDaniels / Washington

This is a great spot for McDaniels, but there were still many players available to be picked before him.

With that said, he does have great athleticism.

He also has the size, and he’s also a very skilled basketball player.

What matters is that McDaniels didn’t do anything significant during college.

He was just absent in 2019.

29. Toronto Raptors: Malachi Flynn / San Diego State

He’s a very smart player and also very polished.

He has proven to be a winner and he’s great when it comes to the pick and roll offense.

30. Memphis Grizzlies: Desmond Bane / TCU

A lot of these guys are point guards.

The Grizzlies really didn’t need a point guard, they needed a shooter.

Bane’s great at shooting, and he’s also great at defending.

He’s on his way to becoming a great wing player on a Memphis franchise that’s emerging as one of the best in their division.

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