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NFL Betting Recap Week 10 | NFL Point Spreads | Wagering Surprises

NFL Betting Recap Week 10 | NFL Point Spreads | Wagering Surprises

NFL Betting Recap Week 10 | NFL Point Spreads | Wagering Surprises

NFL Betting Recap Week 10: Those wagering on NFL Point Spreads got crushed this week, as teams such as the Browns and the Ravens failed to cover vs squads with losing records.

NFL Betting Recap Point Spreads Week10

  • Let’s face it: Since Online Sports Betting was legalized in the US, NFL games are perceived now through the lens of football wagering.
  • NFL Week 10 closed with two unexpected finishes.
  • First the 10-7 win of the Browns over the Texans, and also the 32-30 miracle victory of the Cardinals over the Bills.
  • And indeed, those scores were key to decide NFL Point Spreads.

NFL Betting Recap Week 10: Cardinals vs Bills

  • That 43-yard pass from Kyler Murray to WD DeAndre Hopkins, who catch it after surpassing three defenders, would have been the talk of the league.
  • But, what came next is exactly what matters most to fans with Online Sports Betting apps: Instead of choosing to go for the extra point, the Cards decided they wanted to take a knee from 2-point conversion formation.
  • And this prevented a possible returned 2-point defensive play by the Bills.
  • And so, with that strategy, Arizona was able to secure the win. But they failed to cover as -2.5, to -3 point favorites.
  • This was a savvy football strategy, but it swung the wagering money to the sportsbook’s side as the Cards carried the NFL point spread cash at most bookmaking companies.

NFL Betting Recap Week 10: Browns vs Texans

  • In this game, it was Cleveland who saved the bookmaking agents.
    The Browns had a 10-7 lead, and they were trying to run out the clock.
  • Then, RB Nick Chubb approached the end zone at the Bills’ 1-yard line with only 56 seconds remaining, stepped out of bounds, and allowed his team to go for the victory.
  • Cleveland was -4.5 favorites, so while they paid those backing the money line, those betting NFL Point Spreads failed to collect.

Regarding the play, Chubbs mentioned that “I got a call from the coaches, from Baker (Mayfield) to not score, get a first down to end the game. So that’s what I did.”

NFL Betting Recap Week 10: Ravens vs Patriots

  • These two started with a scoreless first quarter, but then things got interesting with 23 total points scored during the second and 17 more during the third.
  • But, the weather began playing the main role heading towards the fourth quarter.
  • In fact, we saw a total of 15 minutes without any points scored, and the Pats took the win, defeating a heavily backed Ravens franchise.

NFL Betting Recap Week 10: Public Perception

  • Online Sports Betting is more active, and this leads to smaller bets, so people will definitely have their own opinions about these last-minute outcomes.
  • Thankfully, there are websites such as TheSportsStew which are aimed to help educate the audience about how sports are really full of odd occurrences that will commonly swing bets.
  • And, as with every NFL week, there are always big winners, including a player who hit a 10-leg, $40,000 parlay, getting total earnings of $704,072, a combination of college and pro football betting.

Thank you for reading this NFL Betting Recap for Week 10 focused on NFL Point Spreads, we invite you to keep checking for more week-by-week content!

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