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NFL Wild Card Schedule 2020 | NFL Playoff Schedule | 16 Teams

NFL Wild Card Schedule 2020 | NFL Playoff Schedule | 16 Teams

NFL Wild Card Schedule 2020 | NFL Playoff Schedule | 16 Teams

The NFL Wild Card Schedule 2020 might look different this year if the league decides to approve a coronavirus contingency plan.

This will expand the NFL Playoff schedule from 14 to 16 teams, allowing eight teams per conference to advance to the postseason if this happens.

And, with things like that only the Jets have slim hopes of advancing this time.

NFL Wild Card Schedule 2020: Two Interesting Factors

There are two interesting factors about this proposal that can affect the NFL Wild Card Schedule 2020:

NFL Wild Card Schedule 2020 Factor #1

  • The first is that teams will be getting seeded by the winning percentage. And this means that a division winner is not guaranteed to play host during a postseason game.
  • If this proposal sees the light of day, it will solve a big current problem for the league. And that is the fact that the winner of the NFC East will be hosting a playoff game.
  • The way things are currently going, chances are that the Eagles at 6-9-1 will be hosting a wild-card team with an 11-5 record during the first round of the NFL playoffs.
  • That however won’t be possible if the 16-team proposal moves forward.
  • Now, under this new format, all the winners of each division are guaranteed a postseason spot, but they won’t be guaranteed a first-round game at home.
  • And, the biggest loser on this equation will be the Eagles, as they will go from hosting a game at Philly, to a tough road game vs the Seahawks at Seattle.
  • With that said, if the new format takes form and is applied, it will automatically make the NFL fairer.
  • And that’s because right now there are good, dominant teams that always win their division because they play with other 3 bad teams..
  • So, in the current system, these good teams get rewarded season after season with a first home postseason game.
  • The league has kept the current format as they want to reward division winners, but the truth is that the reward is just to make it to the playoffs.

NFL Wild Card Schedule 2020 Factor #2

  • The other factor is that there will be no more bye week during the postseason.
  • During the format that ran from 2012 until 2019 with 12 teams, four of those received a first-round bye week, two from each NFL conference.
  • Under the 14-team that’s running this season, there are currently only 2 teams that are scheduled for a bye, one for the NFC conference, and one for the AFC conference.
  • But, if the 16-team takes place, there will be zero teams with a bye postseason week.
  • And that will lead the first seed to play the eighth seed in this new NFL Wild Card Schedule.
  • If this happens, the biggest losers will be Seattle and Pittsburgh.
  • Instead of getting a bye week if the season ended right now, the Steelers would be forced to play Las Vegas in the new NFL Wild Card Schedule, while Seattle would host Philly.

Now, there are no real guarantees that the NFL is going to expand the league to 16 teams.

It seems the league might only go this route if there are games lost due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

We hope you enjoyed this piece on a possible new NFL Wild Card Schedule 2020, come back for more football info!

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