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NFL Week 8 Recap 2020: Sunday Games | Monday Night Football

NFL Week 8 Recap 2020: Sunday Games | Monday Night Football

NFL Week 8 Recap 2020: Sunday Games | Monday Night Football

Here’s our NFL Week 8 Recap, bringing you all the notes and news you need about yet another action-packed football week.

NFL Week 8 Recap: Quick Highlights

  • Dalvin Cook / RB / Vikings: Cook was returning to action after recovering from a groin injury, and he managed to go 30-163-3 as a rusher, and 2-63-1 as a receiver.
  • Frank Reich / Head Coach / Colts: What’s great about Reich’s “Philly Special” vs Matt Patricia (who suffered the consequences of the same play as defensive coordinator for the Pats at Super Bowl LII) and the Lions is that he didn’t even attempt the play.

NFL Week 8 Recap: Players of the Week

  • Defensive Player of the Week: The Seahawks have been looking to count with some decent pass rush. And so Pro Bowler LB Bobby Wagner came up with 2 sacks, 3 tackles, and 4 hits on the Niners’ QB’s in what ended in a 37-27 win for Seattle. What the Seahawks need to do now is to get some actual pass rushers to do the pass rush.
  • Offensive Line of the Week: With a few injuries in the roster, the Bengals were forced to put up together an offensive line made up of utter unknowns. This offensive team included Hakeen Adeniji, Shaw Calhoun, Billy Price, Alex Redmond, and Fred Johnson. These players helped Cincinnati to held the Titans sackless, beating them 31-20 in the process.
  • Special Teamer of the Week: The award this week goes to two players. First Cody Barton of the Seahawks, who was essential in some plays for his team versus the 49ers. And also Jakeem Grant, for his impressive 88-yard punt return that sent the Rams into crisis mode after this key upset loss.

NFL Week 8 Recap: Patriots vs Bills

  • Buffalo defeated New England 24-21 at Bills Stadium, and the result meant the end of a 7-game losing streak to the Patriots.
  • Winds were heavy, and the Patriots, now 2-5, found themselves more lost than ever this season with their passing game.
  • Buffalo managed a conservative offensive approach, and sometimes they played scared versus their all-time nemesis.
  • But they kept converting in the red zone, and finally acquired a valuable victory that also energizes the franchise for what’s coming.

NFL Week 8 Recap: Monday Night Football / Bucs vs Giants

  • Indeed, bookmaking was on the side of the players this time as a close win paid big for NY underdog bettors.
  • While things get heavy in Foxboro, the Bucs handled NY their seventh defeat of the season.
  • Tom Brady and company acquired a valuable road win versus a Giants team that looked a bit more dominant.
  • In fact, the Giants failed a 2-point conversion that could have tied the game with seconds to play with fourth.
  • But luck in on Brady’s teams, and now Tampa Bay has emerged as a full force in the NFL.

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