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Online Sports Betting Tennessee: Legal TN Sportsbook Model

Online Sports Betting Tennessee To Set The Model For Other Southern States

Online Sports Betting Tennessee To Set The Model For Other Southern States

Online Sports Betting Tennessee: One of the most exciting experiments went live yesterday when this state became the first one to officially offer online-only legal betting. As of now, everybody’s thrilled, excited, and of course, intrigued about what can happen with TN sports betting in the future. What’s great is that Online Sports Betting Tennessee is going to provide outstanding data for the future of legal wagering on the web in the United States.

Online Sports Betting Tennessee: The First Experiment

Legal wagering can only take place in TN via mobile phones. This is the first state in the United States of America to adopt a web-only legal betting model. The whole Online Sports Betting community is watching, as this can be a model to follow for other states, especially due to the break of the Covid-19 pandemic. Right now, there are only four websites offering this service in the Volunteer State: Tennessee Action 24/7, DraftKings Sportsbook, BetMGM, FanDuel Sportsbook. It’s good to point out that mobile sports betting is the most popular way for bettors to get their action online throughout North America. In fact, more than 90% of wagers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey are taken online.

Online Sports Betting Tennessee: There’s Still Place For Retail

Online Sports Betting Tennessee providers such as DraftKings and FanDuel are using fantasy sports contests within the state to continue to build their customer databases. For giants like these, integrating a retail customer acquisition channel to their web model is also imperative. So, they’re also planning ground marketing campaigns that include pop-ups at bars and restaurants, and also in-stadium account activations.

Online Sports Betting Tennessee: Minimum Hold Rule Is A Wild Card

Online Sports Betting Tennessee is overlooked by the TN lottery. And they’ve insisted to charge a lottery-style 10% minimum hold for all wagering operators within the state. What this means, in short, is that the state is guaranteeing taxable revenue across the different operators. How local wagering in TN is going to reach that threshold is right now, an open question.

When we compare this 10% hold with Nevada, we realize that the grandfather of US wagering markets checks in at 5.4%. And, the standard wagering business relies on high volume activity to survive due to how volatile returns are year to year. So, experts believe sportsbooks catering to the TN market might struggle to reach the 10% threshold without getting their product affected in one way or the other. And, this could lead to legal providers to struggle to compete with the offers from illegal offshore sites and bookmaking agents using pay per head services.

Online Sports Betting Tennessee: A Unique Geography

As states such as Arkansas and Mississippi failed to change their laws to include mobile wagering, their in-person offerings will soon fell short of what TN can now offer. In fact, TN is expected to become a geographical hub for the phone betting industry in the South. Out of its neighbor states, only Virginia operates will operate with mobile wagering services when it launches in 2021. So, TN could serve as the model for other Southern states to take the step forward and legalize mobile in the coming years.

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