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An Easy Explanation on Totals: Betting Unders and Overs

Betting Unders and Overs
Betting Unders and Overs

Many sports bettors believe that it’s probably easier to come up with positive results when betting unders and overs than trying to predict who the winner of a given game is going to be.

And, of course, bookies might agree with that fact as they place relatively smaller wagering limits in totals than they do in bets placed on a given team, either on the money line or against the point spread.

Betting totals means that a gambler has the opportunity of betting the total of points or goals scored at the end of a game by the two teams involved.

So the bettor has the chance to place a wager on the under, which means that he will win the wager if the total of points or goals is less than the number set by the bookie, and if he places it on the over, then the combined number of goals or points has to be over the number set by the bookmaker for the sports bettor to win.

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Let’s put an example: imagine the Dolphins and Jets and a betting line of 40 in the total.

If you wager the game to go over that, then you will win the wager if the 2 teams’ combined score is higher than forty, if Miami ends up winning the game 24-17, then you would have succeeded, but if the final score is actually 24-14, then you would lose because that would be only 38 points, which means that you would be 3 points short, and if the score would have been 24-16, then you will have only 40 points and the bet then becomes a tie, which means that you will be getting that either win or lose.

When wagering on football, you will be working with a 10% juice, which means that you if wager $11 dollars, you will get $10 dollars in return.

Most totals on NFL wagers range from 32 to 52 points, with the average total being 40 points. If there are two teams that are considered high scorers that do not possess good defensive lines, then the total which is posted by the bookmaker might be higher, but if they actually have a good defense, then the total might be lower.

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