How to Become A Bodybuilder: Right Supplements And Diet

How to Become A Bodybuilder
How to Become A Bodybuilder

If you are asking yourself about how to start a journey through the bodybuilding world, then I have some useful information that I want to share with you and that hopefully it will guide you in the process.

The core of bodybuilding is to develop a perfect muscular body, which you can achieve by following complex workouts and precise sports nutrition. Bodybuilding is a sport for men and women alike, and one that can be followed and practiced for years.

If you are planning on becoming a bodybuilder, you need to consider the commitment with the sport. You also need to be very focused on your goals and work with consistency to come up with the results you are looking for, and don’t forget that bodybuilders are constantly lifting heavier weights in order to increase more and more their amount of muscular mass.

Now, if you think bodybuilding has nothing to do with intelligence, think twice. Bodybuilders needs to have a good deal of knowledge in all areas of the sport as bodybuilding is very scientific and very detailed, therefore, to think that just workouts at the gym will do the work is totally wrong.

Let’s talk about a proper diet. If you are looking to become a bodybuilder, you need to get acquainted with nutritional information, plus you need to know the exact amount of calories you are consuming on a daily basis. It will do you no good to assist religiously to the gym without knowing how to eat properly.

So let me put it in simple terms. If you want to really get into bodybuilding, you need to start first with the right training program, complemented by a meticulous diet. Once you are on the right path, set realistic goals and take daily notes on your progress, if you do this, I can assure you that you will become into a successful bodybuilder.

Gaining Body Mass For The Ideal Weight

If your BMI (Body Mass Index) is under 18.5, you are considered to be under your ideal weight, therefore, you must start adding more calories to your daily diet, but be careful, you don’t want to consume foods that even though increases your body calories, it doesn’t offer any nutritional goods, as in the case of junk food.

Here are a few good options:

Let’s start with Bagels. Any type of bread is a good source of carbohydrates which are essential to provide the body with energy, and it is a great idea to replace your morning toasts with a bagel which contains 150 calories (while a slice of bread has only 70 calories). I recommend to spread some cream cheese in the bagel or eat it along with some fresh fruits.

Pasta. For lunch you can eat some pasta, which is also a great source of carbohydrates, and can be combined with other healthy ingredients to serve as one of the bases for a nutritious diet rich in calories. A plate of spaghetti contains around 250 calories.

Seeds and nuts. There is a vast range of seeds and nuts from where to choose, such as almonds, Brazil nuts, pecans, sunflower seeds, walnuts, peanuts and others. Nuts are rich in fats, which is why they are sure to help your ideal weight diet. You can eat nuts and seeds alone or you can combine them with some slices of apple.

Fruit juice. Fruits offer the advantage of allowing their consumption either by eating them or in juice, in this case, it is a great idea to drink fruit juices along with either your breakfast, lunch or dinner meals. If you prefer to get your juice already made from the supermarket, look for the ones that does not have added sugar.

Nutritional Supplements: Creatine, Glutamine And So on

Bodybuilding supplements are the kind that is aimed to increase muscle mass and not so much to provide with calories.

Now, if you are looking forward to consuming any bodybuilding supplements, the first thing you need to keep in mind is that you must complement the intake of these products with a healthy diet based on gaining weight, and this is because nutritional supplements can’t work well without all the goods which fruits, meats, vegetables, grains, and other foods provide.

Now, there are different kinds of bodybuilding supplements, some are real and do work as they preach, but there are others which are not so legit, so, pay attention to the products you are buying as you might be wasting your money in supps which might end up being just a bad decision.

Though there are really outstanding and respectable nutritional supplements out there, I will have to say that the two which I find to be the more used by bodybuilders are creatine and glutamine.

On one side, glutamine allows muscles to recover faster and it enhances their chances of re-building and repairing all by themselves after some intensive workout and bodybuilding sessions.

Then we have creatine, which, when used effectively, helps to increase the amount of weight that you can lift in a single set, allowing your muscles to stress more and the result is increased muscle growth.

Apart from these two great starting options for bodybuilders, I can recommend you ZMA as another excellent option for a nutritional supplement, and I will not suggest to buy those who offer a wide range of elements such as glutamine, creatine, whey protein and others and which are shown as ‘super supplements’ as their quality can vary from brand to brand, so, your best bet is to stick with a product that is focused on a single supplement, as it will surely be more effective.

Getting Familiar With Creatine

Within the bodybuilding supplements that you can find out there, creatine is the most popular of them as of now. Professional researchers have found that the intake of creatine truly enhances the increase in muscle mass and it helps athletes to perform outstandingly when it comes to fitness routines that require a great deal of energy.

In despite of this, there is still some confusion concerning the consumption of this product by body building athletes as many people seems to have a different understanding of what the nutritional supplement really is. The misunderstanding comes because sometimes creatine is referred to as a steroid, which is not, and because of the wrong beliefs around deadly side effects.

The amino acid where creatine resides is naturally found in our body, exactly in our pancreas, our liver and our kidneys. This amino acid is conducted to muscle tissue by the body’s bloodstream (muscle tissue contains ninety percent of the overall creatine in the body with some small portions also found in the brain and heart). Foods coming from animals such as red meat and some fish also offer creatine in small quantities.

Since the energy that the muscle requires to contract comes from ATP or adenosine triphosphate, creatine supplements are needed in order to saturate the muscles with this amino acid in order to grant a better reproduction of ATP, hence allowing hard training without prompt fatigue.

Creatine nutritional supplements also helps muscle cells to remain hydrated, which prevents protein rupture and provides the muscle with a better exterior appearance.

In order to get the best out of creatine supplementation, you must get more informed on how to properly apply its consumption to your workout sessions, but one thing is for sure: creatine will help you to gain more muscle mass as it will allow more hard training.

Glutamine, A Top Amino Acid

Amino Acids are quite important for muscle building, and glutamine is one that has been receiving a lot of attention lately, and it has proven to be so beneficial, that it is not just been praised by body building athletes, but by all the people that is interested in living a healthy life.

Glutamine helps with the retention of muscle mass and it facilitates the growth of new muscle, it also enhances the chances of a bodybuilder for remaining in excellent physical conditions during extenuating scheduled workouts.

The body produces glutamine itself and can also be ingested through the consumption of milk and meat, but the truth is that neither the natural glutamine present in the body, nor the one from these foods, produces the right amount to help with intensive exercising routines, and that is a reason why glutamine supplementation is quite popular within the bodybuilding community, as this important amino acid functions as fuel for the immune system and the cells on the muscles.

When you exercise intensively, the amount of glutamine that is supplied to those muscle cells decreases in around a forty percent, and since a sixty percent of the amino acids on muscles are glutamine, there is no wonder why the consumption of this kind of supplement has remained stable for a long time.

If a bodybuilder fails to provide his muscles with the correct amount of glutamine, he is in danger of suffering an OTS (over training syndrome) episode, but the intake of nutritional supplements in the body to balance the glutamine levels are sure to prevent this from occurring.

Nitric Oxide: Providing You With The Extra Blood Pump You Need

Nitric Oxide supplements are very popular among athletes and bodybuilders due to the many benefits which they gain from regular their workout sessions.

Here’s what it does:

Nitric Oxide, also known as NO, provides different organs with blood when they need it. For example, if your legs need extra blood to move, the brain is alerted of this and a signal is sent to the blood vessels in your legs so NO can be released, or when you eat, Nitric Oxide sends extra blood directly to your stomach in order to help you digest your food in a better way and it also levels blood pressure as it increases the blood flow when you are exercising, and it reduces it when you are resting.

NOX Surge is a nutritional supplement that is unique among Nitric Oxide products because it offers only the necessary ingredients to allow the enhancement of NO in the body.

An athlete will find that Nitric Oxide helps with the recovery of muscles after doing weights for a while, and it also provides with more strength combined with resistance for a top workout performance.

This is the thing: When you do exercises, the blood pump that you get from NO is temporal, but when you induce the increment of Nitric Oxide in your body with a product like NOX Surge, it allows this invigorating blood pump to remain long after your exercising time, which helps to easily retain the rock-like condition that is sought by athletes and specially bodybuilders.

The good qualities of Nitric Oxide sports supplements have been proven by scientific studies, therefore, the consumption of NOX Surge is more than recommended, though since this is a product which it contains amino acids, it is not recommended to overdosing as it can have some side effects as a consequence.

Whey protein: The Best Source of Protein for Bodybuilders

There are 2 kinds of protein sources in milk, one of them is whey protein (the other is called casein). The kind of whey protein that is consumed by bodybuilders and athletes is obtained during the process of making cheese, as the protein gets separated and the result is the excellent product we find in bodybuilding supplements such as whey protein gold standard.

If you are wondering why it is so important for bodybuilders to use whey protein in their diets on a regular basis, let me give you some quick answers.

It can be digested in a simple way and it contains a great Biological Value or BV, which is a measure concerning how efficient and how easily can protein be absorbed by the body when it comes to helping the growth of muscular tissue. So, the larger the value, the more efficient the type of protein is.

Now, the standard protein measure for Biological Value is the one found in eggs, which have a BV of one hundred, Milk has a BV of eighty five, the protein found in beef has a BV of around seventy five, the whey protein concentrated supplements have 104 and in an isolated form, the Biological Value of Whey Protein can reach one hundred and seventy.

So, there is no wonder why bodybuilders and athletes take advantage of the benefits that a product such as whey protein gold standard can offer them, as it is the best source of protein out there, and being 100% natural, there is no risk of secondary effects.

Since whey protein contains a lot of the types of amino acids which are essential for the development and sustainability of muscle mass, the best way to provide the body with it is by using a good whey protein nutritional supplement.

If you are into bodybuilding, try whey protein gold standard, your muscles will appreciate it.

Now, if you don’t know how to ingest this product, we recommend you to try it with your cereal, so just take the recommended dosage, mix it, and add some milk. If you take it like this, it will feel quite natural and it will become a part of your daily breakfast.

ZMA is zinc, magnesium and vitamin 6, all combined for intensive workouts

ZMA is a formula made of zinc, magnesium and vitamin 6; these are 3 elements which have proven to be essential in the muscle building process.

The company which originally developed ZMA noticed that athletes were often lacking important minerals in their bodies, specially zinc and magnesium, hence their interest in developing a product that could help with these needs.

On one side, we have zinc, which helps to regulate testosterone, and on the other, magnesium, which is a major responsible for oxygenating the muscle tissue. If an athlete is lacking either of these minerals, his muscle building ability is seriously decreased.

ZMA contains thirty milligrams of zinc, 450 milligrams of magnesium and eleven milligrams of vitamin 6. These elements can be found in the same amounts in multivitamin products but the only real nutritional supplement that is truly capable of helping athletes with their muscle building routines is ZMA.

Take ZMA before you go to bed and avoid the consumption of calcium (whey protein, milk) while ZMA is working on your stomach.

Athletes which are long-time consumers of ZMA have reported some beneficial side effects such as getting a better sleep, and if you are into muscle building, you know that most of the muscle is created while you are sleeping as the hormones are working overtime to provide you with the physical appearance that you are looking to obtain.

When a bodybuilder is taking ZMA, he is sure to increase his testosterone levels around a thirty percent while he will also enjoy of an increase in his overall muscular strength.

Now, it is important to notice that ZMA should only be taken by athletes whom are following a high-protein diet and which are working out intensely on a common basis.

If you are just starting your bodybuilding journey, ZMA is probably not the best nutritional supplement to start with, instead, try those containing glutamine and creatine for some time and then ask other bodybuilders to see when it should be the best time for you to start taking this outstanding product.

HGH, helping muscle growth and preventing aging effects

Let’s make it clear: HGH is not an steroid.

People often confuses the two, but the reality is that anabolic steroids is a derivative of the male hormone in testosterone, while HGH is a hormone that is produced in the pituitary gland, which is the gland that controls body growth.

Even though HGH is fabricated in good quantities during your whole life, the amount that the pituitary gland secreted decreases with age due to reasons which are not still all too clear, and the decrease in HGH is said to be an important factor in aging symptoms

Kids who used to suffered from a retardation in their growth pattern were injected with HGH which was extracted from dead bodies, nowadays, technology has change this as now treatment is provided with synthesized HGH.

The ingestion of HGH in adults whom are healthy recently began to become popular. Some studies have shown that the consumption of this hormone can help to posteriori aging effects, it provides more energy, allows the brain to process faster, it provides more strength to the body and it helps in overall health.

For bodybuilders, HGH is specially effective as it enhance muscles to grow more and it burns unwanted body fat.

HGH supplements are to be taken in the form of injections, as HGH is a molecule which is too big to be process through oral ingestion ( it won’t reach your blood as it will break down before getting there, and the only thing you will receive is an expensive protein dosage).

Since HGH needs to be injected for full effect, many people have come to the unwise conclusion that HGH is an anabolic steroid, but the truth is that you can get injectable HGH through medical prescription in an anti-aging clinic, so if you are interested in HGH consumption visit one of these and check with the doctor to see if you are able to take it.

The Benefits Of Vitamins

Sure, we all want to be healthy, but most of us live our lives consuming vitamin-deficient foods in our regular meals.

And we are not all completely responsible as we actually believe that the food we are getting in our bodies is healthier than what really is. This is because the farming techniques used nowadays have changed, and so when storing, drying and processing different foods, most vitamins are lost in such process.

So, when you are not getting your vitamins from a once-trustable source like real food, you need to obtain them from a different supply, and that is when vitamin supplementation comes into the game.

Here are some of the most important vitamins and their benefits:

  • Antioxidants: they control free radicals and prevent cell damage, we can find them in vitamin A and Vitamin E
  • Beta-carotene: Protects against heart disease and cancer, improves vision, and combat skin disorders.
  • Biotin: It provides a great deal of help in energy production and controls diabetes by keeping glucose levels down.
  • Folic acid: Very important vitamin for pregnant women and for those who are trying to conceive.
  • Vitamin B 12: an essential vitamin, as the lack of it can lead to health complications like weak muscles, depression, bad memory, and anemia among others.
  • Vitamin C: It has an important role in the production of collagen, it helps with the healing of wounds, lifts up your immune system, and helps with cataracts among other great benefits.
  • Vitamin K: It prevents blood clotting and strengths bones.

Now that you know how important are vitamins for the correct development of our body, go ahead and visit your nearest drugstore for more information on what are the better products out there which contains a balanced combination of these and other important vitamins.

The Pros and Cons of Fat Burners

Fat burners: just another ‘miracle’ of modern science.

If you are a little overweight, you might have gone shopping for different products that can help you lose that excess body fat, and you probably soon realized that there are some products called fat burners, and doubtless, they are the best solution to weight loss in a quick way, but nothing in life is flawless, so I am going to make a small recount of some pros and cons of using them:

Good news first is always better, so let’s start with the pros:

  1. Fat Burners will keep you more alert than usual; they will help you to boost your energy levels due to their mix of ingredients, and as a consequence, they will keep you more productive during the day.
  2. Fat burners can also decrease the amount of time that you previously spent doing weights or running.
  3. They can also keep you away from being alert of every single thing you eat.
  4. And the most important of the pros: they work fast.

Now to the bad news or cons:

  • Side effects! Be truly careful on misusing fat burners, as apart from their benefits they can produce irritability, loss of sleep, anxiety and even a heart attack.
  • Now, because you are loosing weight due to being ingesting fat burner pills, that doesn’t mean that your muscles will stay in shape, you need to make sure that you will combine fat burners with exercise.
  • If for some reason you decide to stop taking fat burners, you will realize that you will gain weight even faster than when you decided to start taking them.

So the question is? Are these types of products the real solution or is it better to stick with nature and try to lose weight the old way? You decide.

A Brief Look Into Prohormones

Have you heard of prohormones? Well they are also called legal steroids or pro steroids. The started to be noticed around the bodybuilding community since 96′ and just like the amino acid known as creatine, his popularity exploded when a renown baseball player said to have taken andro ( androstendione), the first known prohormone. He said he did it due to his performance enhancing goods.

From that time on, this supplements started to look as controversial due to mixed views about their whole effectiveness in early stages, but only few to none athletes or bodybuilders have questioned the positive effects of the newer versions.

Just like with any other bodybuilding supplement, the results that you wish to achieve by using prohormones will depend on a balanced combination of a diet which is done strictly to gain weight and a rigurous training program.

So, before you decide to start using pro steroids you need to perfect your dieting and training habits, otherwise you will not obtain all the benefits they promise and the money you paid for them will be gone for no reason.

We also encourage you to get more acquainted about prohormones at a deeper level since a good amount of acquired knowledge is what is going give you the edge in order to suceed and obtained the wished results.

Now, the usage of pro steroids is to be taken seriously as if not well proportioned, can bring some unwanted side effects.

Prohormones are not in the lines of nutritional supplements like creatine and glutamine due to the fact that the latest two are legal and prohormones got banned in 2004 after remaining legal since 1994.

Remember, your good health is what is going to allow you to succeed in your bodybuilding career, so we recommend you to start with amino-acid based nutritional supplements and after you have cultivated a passion and strenght for muscle growth workouts, consult a professional if your decision is to take prohormones.

Information on Anabolic Steroids

Steroids, I’m sure you have heard of them, but what are they? Check the following article for more information.

They are a kind of drug which contains substances that are similar to hormones and derivate from androgens (nandrolone, testosterone), which are male hormones.

Basically, anabolic steroids produces 2 different effects: help with body building and increase testosterone ( this increase in testosterone levels are sure to affect protein synthesis.

When you get to talk about increasing muscle mass or gaining weight for bodybuilding purposes, the discussions around anabolic steroids are sure to arise.

Anabolic steroids are popularly known as quick fixes and have been the subject of controversy around the world of sports, as their intake it’s illegal for players of all professional sporting leagues, but due to the powerful performance-enhancing effect they produced, it is difficult to see them dissapear any time soon.

To obtain bigger muscles has proven to be achieved faster by consuming steroids, and if they are used in a propper way, they can perfectly provide a bodybuilder or athlete with a positive experience, but unfortunately many anabolic steroid users tend to abuse of steroid intake and end up with negative experiences instead.

So, since we are committed with health, fitness and bodybuilding, it is almost a responsibility for us to talk about steroids, as we do not encourage the engagement of sporting athletes or bodybuilders in illegal or non-healthy activities.

Now, it is up to you to decide if you are apt to consume anabolic steroids, what is for sure is that they truly help to achieve a more-than-impressive muscle growth, but always take in consideration the bad stories around anabolic steroids, and check with other bodybuilders for a second opinion.

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