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Healthy Breakfast: Two All-Natural Options

Healthy breakfast: Two all-natural options
Healthy breakfast: Two all-natural options

Sure, you might be eating a healthy breakfast every morning, but you also might be falling into a routine of eating the same things.

A friend of mine have two kids who always gets cereal with soy milk and an occasional piece of fruit every day as their first meal, and even though they really like it, I’m sure they will also enjoy to have something different, tasteful and of course, quite nutritious for breakfast.

I also encourage soy consumption a lot, but it is not recommendable to have it as soy milk every day, instead, it is better to think of a breakfast with more added fruits.

I started to think about some interesting breakfast options, and I came up with the following two ideas that promises to replace conventional morning meals in a big way.

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Healthy Breakfast Option number one – A smoothie made of fruits:

This is quite simple to do. Just take a blender and put a few pieces of banana along with some water, then add a different variety of fruit such as watermelon or strawberries, in fact, any fruit that you can think about will do great.

Then mix it and have it as it is. Do not add sugar or yogurt bases, believe me, the whole taste of the fruits will do the whole job.

Healthy Breakfast Option two – A bowl with fruits with milk made of bananas:

This recipe is also very easy. Take 5 bananas and peel them, then add them in pieces into the blender with a good amount of water to give the bananas the milky consistency. Then grab your preferred fruits and cut them in little chunks and add those to the bowl, then pour the banana-water milky mixture on top of the fruits, that’s all !

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As you can see, these are two easy healthy breakfast recipes that are made up of pure fruits, try them out, you will probably adopt one as a favorite soon.

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