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Fake Supplements: Find Out Which Ones To Avoid

Fake Supplements: Find Out Which Ones To Avoid
Fake Supplements: Find Out Which Ones To Avoid

There are many sports nutrition products out there, and not all of them meet the quality standards that you are looking for, so we have created this short guide in order to help you find out which ones are ok and which ones you should avoid.

Maybe you are one of those people that will just go to the nearest drugstore and pick whatever product they have available related to vitamins or similar, but when you have taken the product for quite some time without the expected results, you realized that you might as well have done a little research in order to pick up a better one.

Now, there is something you need to take in consideration: the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not have regulations over the multi-vitamin industry, this basically means that when you are buying a nutritional product, it might not necessarily produce the specified effect.

YES, fake nutritional products exist, and you could have been ripped-off already.

The question is: How can I recognize a good product from a bad one? Here’s how:

Read the label on the bottle carefully. It will provide you with information on the nutrients contained and the ingredients used. It will also provide you with data on the manufacturing company.

The product must comply with GMP (good manufacturing practice), so look for such label on the product.

It will be of no harm to call the customer service number specified on the product and ask them questions related to the effectiveness and purity of the product, if they respond to you quickly in an accessible way, you can trust such product.

Remember, there are hundreds of different products out there, each one offering different nutritional goods, so I would recommend that instead of buying a selection of nutritional supplements, to go just for a single one and stick with it until you see the expected results.