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What Is Tofu, and Is It Good for You?

Tofu, a great addition to your diet
Tofu, a great addition to your diet

Tofu is made of soy bean and it’s one of the most used ingredients in the kitchens of people who prefers to eat healthy. One of the reasons why people likes tofu is because it doesn’t have that much calories and it contains abundant protein.

As it’s commonly used as a replacement for dairy products and meat, tofu helps to prevent health problems linked to cholesterol and bad fat. This marvelous cooking ingredient is also famous because it helps to keep bones in great shape as it contains calcium.

Tofu is a traditional food in Japan, and it has even increased a larger value than meat over there. Probably you have gotten tofu as a topping, but the Japanese eats it differently. Let’s check on a couple of ways to eat tofu correctly:

Fried Tofu:

Also called Dashi-Dofu, it offers a dry texture and it’s more firm than plain tofu. We recommend you a visit to your local oriental food shop and ask for the variety of tofu that already comes prepared. Or go a head and try frying it yourself. Fried tofu can be eaten either cold or hot, and it’s usually served as an accompanying dish. This is the less healthy way to eat tofu because of the oil, but if you use the one made of olives, you won’t have a problem.

Plain Tofu:

This type of tofu can only be consumed cold. It’s sliced in cubes and covered with onions and soy sauce. At times, people might use wasabi with their plain tofu also. Some people does not enjoy Tofu because they find it to be a food that’s too bland and that it doesn’t offer so much taste. However, we encourage you to give it a try and see if tofu is your thing or not.