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Sushi, And How To Prepare Sushi Rice

Sushi, and how to prepare Sushi meshi
Sushi, And How To Prepare Sushi Meshi

When you hear the word sushi, most people out there immediately thinks of raw fish, when in reality, it’s not just made from a product of the ocean. Sashimi is what people mistakes with the concept of sushi, as sashimi is raw fish used normally as a type of topping accompanying sushi. In reality, sushi is rice which is vinegar-flavored and it might contain a little of sugar too, but only at times, and just to balance the taste of the vinegar. Sushi is normally consumed cold.

Sushi is great because it can be made of different things, for example, in Maki-Zushi, where nori, boiled eggs and vegetables are used. The thing with Sushi, is that you must know where to eat it. Not because of the rice but because of the raw fish, as in order for your stomach to digest it, it must be quite fresh. Otherwise, you take the risk of falling sick because of food poisoning. This is a reason why Sushi is labeled indicating the date and time of elaboration.

How To Prepare Sushi Meshi

In our opinion, Sushi must not be eaten when it’s more than 2 hours old. Here’s how to prepare Sushi meshi (or the basic sushi rice):

First, you need to cook around three cups of rice (or enough for four people), then, mix 5 spoons of rice vinegar with two of sugar and then add enough salt. When the rice has finished cooking, put it in a big bowl and then start adding the vinegar little by little while at the same time you are mixing. Finally, let it cool inside a recipient that allows the entrance of air for half to one hour.

Sushi is a very healthy food that you can eat as often as you want, so go visit some sushi restaurants and enjoy tasting the different varieties of sushi they have to offer