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Keep Your Current Weight During Holidays

Keep your current weight during holidays
Keep your current weight during holidays

In the following article, you will find some tips that will help you not to gain extra pounds during holidays such as Thanksgiving Day and Christmas.

When there is a lot of food temptation around you, it is always good to think about a spiritual force that can kind of ‘watch’ for what you are doing. Calling it god, Christ or Buddha, when you are enforced with a belief that is larger than life, you also diminish the mental need (or trap) of over-eating.

Also, keep a temporary journal that will serve you to list your weight at the beginning of the holidays so you can compare it with the one you have after the seasons have passed. This is pretty mental too, as you will have that book in your mind reminding you that you don’t want to gain extra weight at all during the festivities.

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Since we want to keep our metabolism healthy, we want to eat in small portions at different times during the day in order to give our body the correct amount of time to digest the food.

The recommended number of times to consume food during a holiday (or any other day for that matter) is five, and these includes (the most important one of the day) breakfast, a small middle morning portion of food, lunch, a middle afternoon portion of food, dinner and finally a small portion of food a couple of hours later. This is based on the principle of eating often and healthy.

Drink a lot of water, around eight to ten glasses every day, or you can also replace water with natural fruit juices or even natural cold tea. The trick is to drink before you eat in order to complement our meals with the sensation of fulfillment that water provides.

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Finally, try to keep yourself busy with the people around you in order to avoid thinking of the tasty foods of the holidays.

Believe me, it is all a matter of a little self-discipline. I’m sure that if you follow these simple tips when the holidays are over and you come back and check your current weight, you won’t have unpleasant surprises, and, in fact, you might as well have lost some pounds!