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Good Food To Consume, The One You Must Avoid

Good food to consume, the one you must avoid
Good food to consume, the one you must avoid

There are many types of food out there, but not necessarily because you are able to eat them means that they are healthy; Food comprises of two categories: good food and bad food.

This is a simple but informative guide about what is it that you need to include in your daily diet and what you can just avoid.

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Good food:

Raw food contains lots of enzymes which are essential for the body and helps with the digestion process, so raw fruits and raw vegetables are excellent choices to start with.

Carbohydrates, they are in fruits, bread, rice, grains and vegetables and are great for a balanced brain function, a right attitude and extra energy, the good carbs are called ‘complex carbs’.

Try to get organic foods. These are foods that are completely free of chemicals, they have been grown without any chemical process and therefore maintain all the goods of the product, as when you buy products that are chemically treated, you are also poisoning your body cells and bloodstream.

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Proteins, try to include quinoa and sprouts in your diet, I know these are not normal foods, but if you integrate them in your meals, it will help you to enhance your metabolism. A combination of beans and grains will do the trick too.

Now the bad food:

Do not overcook your vegetables as they will loose all their goods, or most of them.

As there are good carbs, there are also some bad ones out there called simple carbs, and those are the ones that you can find in sweets, cookies, chocolate and any other foods which are made of refined sugar or flour or those which are processed with white rice.

Try to avoid these.

There are also meals with high-protein like red animal foods that can provoke liver fatigue, arthritis, heart disease and other related diseases, so try to consume these type of meat in small portions and never too often.

Try to follow these simple indications and I can assure you that you will live a healthier life, I did, and I can tell from experience.