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Eating Apples Prevent Doctor Visits

Eating apples can prevent a lot of doctor visits
Eating apples can prevent a lot of doctor visits

Apples, they are everywhere and are the favorite fruit for north Americans. Apples are not just a fruit that serves as the base for a tasty pie, they offer a lot of nutritional goods such as vitamins and minerals and a single apple can contain around 200 calories.

The fiber contained in the skin of the apple is excellent to keep your heart healthy, so, when eating an apple remember not to peel it, instead, just clean it and eat it as it is.

Apples also contain a variety of antioxidants known as bioflavoniods, which are great to keep your cholesterol low and to maintain both of your lungs in perfect conditions. The medical world has found that people consuming bioflavoniods like the ones contained in apples, are preventing cardiovascular disease and tumors.

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Now, if you are wondering if the nutritional goods which an apple offers are higher or lower depending on the kind of apple, the answer is no, as apples of all colors contain the same healthy ingredients.

The great thing about apples is that they grow easily in the fields across the United States, therefore, to have them at hand shouldn’t be a problem. An apple is really cheap, but since they are abundant, sometimes you can even get them for free from nearby tree’s.

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Make it a habit for the whole family to eat apples, as I’m sure that the health of everyone is going to improve significantly.

You can search the Internet for different recipes which are made with apples and vary lunch or dinner meals, and always try to keep the skin of the apple in each recipe.

So, this is our recommendation (well the doctor’s really): eat an apple every day. By doing it, you are sure to avoid future visits to the doctor