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Adding More Carrots To Your Daily Meals

Adding more carrots to your daily meals
Adding more carrots to your daily meals

Vegetables are healthy and we all (or most of us) love them. This time we will talk about carrots and about the benefits that it brings his regular consumption in our meals.

Carrots improves eyesight, allows your skin to remain healthy along with your bones and your nails. A very unique ingredient of carrots is an antioxidant known as beta carotene, which is known for helping in the prevention of cancer.

These orange natural marvels also helps to keep your cholesterol low and to lower blood pressure to normal levels.

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The following are some ways in which you can eat carrots:

  • A. Grate some carrots and put them in a bowl, add your favorite bread mix along with eggs and oil, sugar and butter, then bake it for around one hour at 350 degrees. You can add additional ingredients to your carrot bread such as apples, cinnamon, almonds and others. The important thing here is that the carrots are going to cook within the bread mix and will give it a healthy and delicious taste.
  • B. You can also grate some carrots on top of a salad which also contains some mayo, apples, raisins, cabbage, a little vinegar and some salt/pepper.

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For lunch, grab some carrots and steam them, then eat them with some rice and a piece of steamed meat spiced with peppers.

For dinner, you can use carrots for your soups, to which you can also add some celery, a little broth, potatoes and the rest of your preferred vegetables. By they way, there are soups at the supermarket that indicates to contain dehydrated carrots, these might not be bad, but there is nothing like the real thing.

Try these and other ways to eat carrots, as to have them regularly, is sure to improve your overall health.