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5 Foods You Must Add To Your Regular Diet

5 foods that you must add to your regular diet
5 foods that you must add to your regular diet

There are two groups of food: the group of the healthy foods and the group of the non-healthy foods. There is really not a space between the two of them, therefore, we are either eating good or bad food, as simple as that.

And as you might well know, our blog is dedicated to provide data on healthy habits and food which can help our readers to enjoy of a better, more energized style of living. Of course this article is not the exception, and within the following lines, you will find information on some types of groups that we recommend you to add to your regular diet.

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Essentially, there are 5 foods which can help greatly on a healthy diet: first we have olive oil (or a similar healthy oil), seeds and nuts, dark chocolate, avocados and olives.

By the way, it is always important to remember that it is better to eat five times a day (small portions) than having 3 large meals. You must add at least one of the aforementioned foods in each one of your recommended 5 meals.

You can work out how you want to consume these foods, for example, you can add avocado to a sandwich, or have a piece of dark chocolate alone as a small snack after breakfast or lunch.

It is recommended to use olive oil every time you cook, you can also add it to your salads along with some full olives, the thing here is to get creative and vary the ways to consume these 5 ingredients.

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It is almost a fact that you will feel more energized if your body is taking the benefits contained within these foods. You will also be preventing various types of cancer and helping with the correct regulation of your digestive system.

Give them a try, after all, the big winner here is your body.