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Woods won’t participate at the British Open

Tiger Woods is not going to see action at the British Open as he hasn’t healed completely from a mild medial collateral ligament sprain suffered on his left knee while participating at the Masters. The golf pro said that it is unfortunate for him having to withdraw his name from the competitors’ list, but he also said that such a decision is what is best for him and pointed out that he will only return when he is 100% ready. Since Woods has won the British Open in 3 opportunities, fans were eager to see him playing but it seems like they will need to wait until next year.

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NFL retired players take legal action concerning the CBA

NFL negotiations concerning the collective bargain agreement seems to have gotten more difficult as retired players just filed a class-action complaint against the league as they feel that they have been excluded from the conversations between owners and current players, and the reason for the filing has to do with their current pensions and medical care plans, as they believe those would be affected with the new terms in place. A new meeting is planned for today, but it is no clear what the impact of the filing can bring to the talks.

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Boston fell to Toronto 9-7

The Red Sox are still struggling against bad results with the latest defeat handed to them by the Blue Jays, a team that has lost 9 of their last 14 games. Not surprisingly, John Lackey played quite poorly, allowing Toronto to beat his team at Fenway Park by 9-7, and even though Boston seemed to be recovering at the last stages of the game, the score was too high for them to match it.

NBA removes players’ images from websites and promotional material

The NBA is quite serious about CBA negotiations, and proof of it is their new policy towards the team’s websites, as all pictures and information concerning their respective rosters have been removed from their portals, showing pictures of other stuff such as cheerleaders or mascots instead. Marketing employees have also been told not to use images of players in any promotional material, and Mike Bass, a spokesman for the league said that they are doing this as they do not consider it appropriate to use either photos or videos from players until a final deal concerning the collective bargain agreement is reached.

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