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Sports News: Deron Williams, Olympic Games, Mayhem Mitchell

Deron Williams might play with Besiktas if the lockout extends beyond August

With their accounts suspended due to the lockout, NBA players now have the option of opting to play at other leagues, which is the case of Deron Williams, who is 27 years old and the first player who is going to play overseas while in his prime as he signed a contract to play at Turkey with the Besiktas. David Stern said that the league has no problem with this kind of moves by players during a lockout, and since the season at Istanbul starts on September 1st, Williams has the option of breaking his contract with the foreign team and go back to the USA to play for the Nets, as he still has 2 more years worth $34 million on his deal with the New Jersey franchise.

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South Korea to host 2018 Olympic winter games

After a long wait of 20 years, the South Koreans received the news that they would be hosting the 2018 Olympics, being the first Asian country to have such honor after Japan, as the Nippon cities of Sapporo and Nagano back in 1972 and 1998 respectively. Pyeongchang was finally chosen after the South Koreans had bid in 2010 and 2014. This time they received 63 votes out of the 95 votes casts, needing only 48 votes to claim victory.

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Mayhem Mitchell gets ready HBO boxing debut

Seth Mitchell started his professional sporting career as a football player for Michigan State, but destiny had other plans for him, as he suffered a leg injury that made it impossible for him to continue and with things like that, he decided to pick up boxing. Now he is seeing as one of the top 100 boxers in the United States and holds an undefeated record of 22-0. “Mayhem” as he is known, is ready for his HBO debut against a still undetermined competitor in August 27.

Former NBA player dies at age 47

On a different note concerning the NBA, it was news today that Armen Gilliam, a former player from the league, passed away after collapsing during a friendly basketball match that took place in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania. He was immediately taken to the hospital but died on the road. He was chosen by the Suns as the 2nd overall pick from 1987 just behind All-Star David Robinson and also played for other franchises such as the Hornets (from Charlotte at the time), New Jersey Nets, Utah Jazz, Philadelphia 76ers, and the Milwaukee Bucks before finishing his career of 6,401 rebounds and 12,700 points.

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