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Sports News: Scottie Pippen, Dwight Howard, Derek Jeter

It’s time for our daily sports news. Keep reading to know why a legendary basketball player is comparing LeBron to Pippen, also why Superman Howard is destined to become a free agent and more.

Pippen and not Jordan? Steve Kerr, the Bulls guard that played next to Jordan is saying that people should not compare LeBron James to “His Airness” and instead, they should compare him to another ex Chicago player in Scottie Pippen.

Kerr says that James is more similar to Scottie than to Michael as he is a player that can guard just about any other player out there, and that is why he sees LeBron’s strength more on the defensive side, positioning him as a point forward instead of a scoring guard. Some people might disagree with Steve’s opinion, but after a disastrous NBA Finals appearance, his feelings towards the former Cavalier look more accurate than otherwise.

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Superman a free agent: Dwight Howard is probably the best center in the league, but sometimes that is difficult to appreciate as it seems that Superman is the only above-average player in the Magic’s roster, and that is precisely the reason why the 25 year-old player is looking forward to drop the Orlando Jersey and wear a different one for the upcoming season.

And just like any other outstanding player in the league, the dream of Dwight is to win a championship, which is a goal that he sees as difficult to accomplish if he stays with his current team. Of course there is still time for the Magic to put together a decent roster that can make Howard change his mind, but everything points out to his departure.

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Jeter’s 3,000 on hold: Last night, Derek Jeter managed to come up with the 2,994 hits of his career, and everybody is looking forward to seeing him hitting his 3,000, but if fans are hoping for such achievement to take place on Thursday’s night game against the Rangers at Yankee Stadium, they might just have to wait a little longer and watch the hit on TV, as Jeter walked out yesterday with a grade 1 calf strain, and today the team will decide whether Jeter can play against Texas or wait, and if the latest is their definitive answer, it means that the batter will have to wait on the bench for a while, and New York fans with tickets for the game after tomorrow just need to wait patiently and see what is the doc’s final word on the player’s condition.

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