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NFL: Owners and Players on the verge of a CBA deal

NFL team owners met yesterday in Chicago in order to continue the ongoing talks concerning the collective bargain agreement or CBA, and it seems like there is finally some progress as a revenue split deal might be reached in the following days. The players still maintain their position of a 50-50 deal, and the owners have increased their proposal from a percentage that was set in the low forties to a 48%. Today both owners and players are going to meet in the hopes of a final solution to the situation, as they want to settle before the start of training camp.

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Cuban not sure about acquiring the Dodgers

Mark Cuban has a real interest in buying an MLB franchise, and as his bids on the Texas Rangers and the Chicago Cubs went unsuccessful, he is now looking to other teams, though he moves with some caution, as he doesn’t want to buy a team that is a real mess, such as the Dodgers, a franchise that, in Cuban’s opinion, is to mess up to make it profitable in the short term. The owner of the current NBA champions, the Mavericks, says that his main concern about the LA team is that owner Frank McCourt split the assets of the Dodgers into several companies, making it difficult to know what is actually included in a possible deal, though if he decides to buy them, he might have the chance of becoming a hero just as he did in Dallas.

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Tar Heels charged with rules violations

The NCAA is charging the North Carolina football program with 9 rules infractions. The NCAA took 12 months to analyze proof and now the Tar Heels have 90 days to respond to such accusations. Chancellor Holden Thorp already released a statement saying that they know they made some mistakes and are now ready to deal with the consequences, and coach Butch Davis is saddened that the incidents took place under his watch.

Marlins beat Angels, end with losing streak

The Marlins finally ended their 11-game losing streak with a 5-2 win over the Angels and are now 33-41. It seems like this is a time of change for Florida, as their batting coach was fire 2 weeks ago, and Jack McKeon just assumed as interim manager after Edwin Rodriguez resigned unexpectedly. Mckeon led the Marlins to a World Series title back in 2003 but his permanence on the team is unsure as he is now 80 years old.

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