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Sports News: Mark Cuban, NBA CBA, Corey Perry

Mark Cuban responds to Perot’s lawsuit

Ross Perot Jr. who is a minority owner of the Mavericks, is currently suing Mark Cuban because he says that the main owner of the franchise has spent a lot of cash on the team, and has not been paid partners, and is looking for the team to be taken away from Cuban to be given to a court appointed receiver.

Such a lawsuit was filed last year, and now that Dallas are world champions, Cuban decided to also take legal action and released a document with a picture of the Mavs celebrating their title. In the legal paper filed yesterday, it was also pointed out that Cuban owns 76% of the team, while Perot only 5%. This is certainly a way to rub the Mavericks’ accomplishments in Perot’s face, and according to the outspoken owner, they are ready in case Perot and his company Hillwood Investment Properties are still willing to go to trial.

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NBA: No agreement CBA yet

Another professional sports league is now in the middle of a collective bargain agreement battle; this time is the NBA, with their team owners alleging that the franchises are losing an average of $300 million per season. The players Union met with Commissioner David Stern and reporters on Tuesday at Manhattan in order to try to agree on numbers, but none of the parts seem to be content with the other’s resolutions.

They will be meeting again on Friday, but a deal is not anticipated. The CBA expires on June 30, and owners will meet on their own on Tuesday in order to decide if they want to go for a lockout, though Billy Hunter, the players’ union executive director, said that they have been threaten with that for the past 2 years.

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NHL: Corey Perry named MVP

Ducks player Corey Perry was granted the Hart Trophy as he was named the most valuable player of the past NHL season. The 26-year-old player, who scored 50 goals, became the first at the Anaheim franchise to obtain such recognition. Perry was genuinely surprised when his name was called, as most people were expecting the award to go to Daniel Sedin, the scoring champion from the Canucks, or to veteran Martin St. Louis from Tampa Bay.

Lakers and Twolves draft deal not clear yet

An aging Lakers team that has no first-round pick tried to send Lamar Odom to the Timberwolves for their second overall pick, but the Minnesota franchise is not interested in the 31-year-old veteran player, and instead, asked for the services of Paul Gasol or Andrew Bynum, but Los Angeles is not willing to give neither, and if the Lakers do not agree on a trade, they will end up with 4 second-round picks for tonight’s draft.

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