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Sports News: Bruins victory, Venus Loss, and more

Bruins take Stanley Cup:

It was 1972 when the Bruins won their last Stanley Cup, a reason why the younger Bostonians were skeptical about their team coming up with the championship against the Canucks, whom had home advantage and were expected to be crowned last night as even statistics favored them, but the visitors wanted it more, and beat Vancouver by 4-0. Boston is now a city that is getting used to celebration parades as the Celtics, the Patriots and the Red Sox all won titles during the past decade and now is the Bruins whom will march from TD Garden to Couple Square to rejoice with their fans.

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Davies to rest for 6 weeks:

David Davies dreams of a third Olympics participation, but he first wants to deal with the exhaustion and fatigue problems that have been his unwanted companions for some time. The 26-year-old native from Wales who won the silver medal in 2008 has received medical advice that will have him resting for a six-week period in order to avoid a definitive withdrawal from the sport.

Venus loses to Hantuchova:

Venus Williams had defeated Daniela Hantuchova in their past ten meetings, and maybe such over confidence concerning her superiority over the Czech is what allowed the world number 29 to defeat the American at the quarter-finals of the AEGON International, but Venus says that she is actually glad about going home, since she wants to rest and prepare for Wimbledon.

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Tyler, from Japan to the NBA:

Jeremy Tyler didn’t follow the same route as the rest of current NBA prospects; instead, he decided to pack his stuff two years ago and head overseas to play professionally, first in Israel, and then in Japan. If he had stayed, he would have played his senior high school year and his freshman college year, but the player says that playing professionally at a very young age allowed him to correct some crucial mistakes concerning his behavior and has also made him a better performer of him.

Tyler mentioned that he had an advantage over other prospects who played in college last year, as recruiters were pending of their development match by match, meaning that when they had a bad game, recruiters would notice, but when he had a bad game overseas, nobody knew about it, though when he performed outstandingly, word would come to America. Critics are projecting him as a late first-round pick or an early second-round pick.

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