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Xavi Hernandez is the new best soccer player in the globe

According to some soccer journalists, Lionel Messi is not the best player in the world anymore, as the work of Xavi Hernandez in Spain’s national team has gained him that position. And of course, the fans of FC Barcelona must be really pleased to have the top two footballers in the world in their team.

Xavi is not the type of player with a celebrity lifestyle just like David Beckham or Cristiano Ronaldo, in fact, he is very low key, which is why people that is not familiar with soccer probably don’t even know who he is.

Why is he the best right now? Well, for the simple fact that is the one that put up an arduous work at the midfield in the game against Germany, facilitating the classification of Spain to the World Cup final, and even though he hasn’t scored in the tournament, he has certainly put up incredible performances that puts him on top of teammate David Villa.

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Messi has proven to be more proficient when playing for Barca than when performing for the Argentinean national team, but Xavi is good at both, and that is where the Spaniards gets the edge over the 23 year old winger from South America.

I think Xavi Hernandez is just receiving the recognition he deserves after 12 years playing professional football. He was granted the “Man of the match” award on Wednesday for his flawless performance against Germany, and such recognition is actually given based on votes by fans from all over the world, which means that not just professional critics but everybody that appreciates soccer is aware of the high quality attached to Xavi’s game.

Even his rivals praise him, as proven by Joachim Loew, the coach of Germany, who stated that he believes Xavi is the spinal cord of the Spanish national team, and he probably believes that because it was his pass to Carles Puyol which gave Spain the definitive lead and the ticket to the finals, handling Germany their second consecutive elimination in international competitions as they fell to the Spaniards in the finals for the 2008 Euro Cup.

Now Xavi will have to play even better in what is probably going to be his most important game to date if he wants to be the man who leads Spain to their first World Cup title ever.

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