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With the free agency gone, here are the worst moves at NBA

Forget about big agent names or cap spaces, as the NBA free agency period is gone, and now it seems like the perfect moment for us to analyze which ones can be considered one of the worst moves in the league.

Al Harrington signing a $34 mill, 5-year deal with Denver: You might think that the Nuggets made a good deal signing this guy, but the big problem with him is that he is a volume shooter, and on a team where J.R. Smith plays, the worst mistake you can make is to add another chucker, and Harrington is such a player. But if Carmelo Anthony decides to leave, Denver will have no option but to trust him as a starter.

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Wes Matthews signing a $32.5, 5-year deal with Portland: is he really worth all that cash? The truth is that he is no Brandon Roy, and even though he has a trustful long-range shot, he is certainly not the kind of player that will have phenomenal games every night, and that is when you get to bring in the comparison between him and Ron Artest concerning mid-level exception contracts, with the Lakers player being the deserving one.

Luke Ridnour signing $16 mill, 4-year deal with Minnesota: Even when the amount of cash he is receiving is not as good as the past two players, it is clear that general manager David Kahn can really be questioned with this signing, as it is certain that he has a fascination with point guards that are not good enough to be considered starters, and when it comes to Ridnour’s perimeter game, well, it is a fact that it won’t fit in the triangle offense from the Timberwolves.

Amir Johnson signing a $34 mill, 5-year deal with the Raptors: With their big man gone, Toronto had to come up with a solution to the Chris Bosh problem, and their choice was to sign a player with only 29 starts to a deal that is higher than the best mid-level extension contract. This means that they are giving great money to a player that has really not proven himself in full. Sure, the guy has potential but it is kind of a gamble to hire him for such a high amount of cash and that number of years, hopefully he will turn out into a positive thing for the Raptors.

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