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Why the Chicago Bears might suffer in terms of offense

The offense of the Chicago Bears last season was just terrible, but it seemed to improve at the end of the season, which means that even though they still have some problems to resolve, they can certainly be better at 2010-2011 NFL season.

Mike Tice is the new offensive line coach for Chicago, and he is expected to lead this team to a good record thanks to his veteran status. Another arrival to the team that was not very publicized was the addition of Brandon Manumaleuna, an experienced tight end that is coming from the San Diego Chargers, where he spent the last 3 seasons.

Chicago learned last year that Chris Williams is a player that performs better as a left tackle instead of playing at the right side, and they also learned that is a more accomplished player than Orlando Pace, who started the season protecting the blind side of Jay Cutler. Williams is certainly a man that continues to improve by enhancing his technique. He could possess better stats by now, but he suffered a back injury in his rookie season, though he seems to be at his best at the moment.

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At right guard and center, Roberto Garza and Olin Kreutz have done exactly what the bears expect from Williams on the left side, and even though they might be on decline due to age, they are still quite tough and still have some good football on them at least for a couple more seasons.

Josh Beekman and Frank Omiyale are sort of worrying, as they might be 2 weak spots that can potentially harm the offensive performance of a team that might be pressured in terms of quarterback hits and overall offensive protection.

Kevin Shaffer is another player that worries me a little bit, as he can only perform well as a right tackle, and he cannot even perform as expect at such position, and this adds even more to the lack of stability on the offensive line.

Overall, I see this Chicago team as one that will certainly suffer when it comes to offense, just like they did in the past season, but who knows, they might surprise us and make a far run, though they will need to put some extra attention to their weaknesses in order to repel them as much as possible in order to come up with a better record than last year’s.

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