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Usain Bolt will not compete in UK ground due to tax law

Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt won’t be competing at the Crystal Palace Diamong League next month because a matter that has nothing to do with sportsmanship or injuries, but because of a British tax rule. The famous world and Olympic champion of the 200 and 100 meters said in a news conference on Friday that his agent had informed him that if he competes, he might lose some cash.

Ricky Simms, who is Bolt’s agent told the associated press that such tax law from the UK government stipulates that any foreign sports superstars have to pay taxes based on their global endorsements, a situation that has kept not only Bolt, but other big stars out of any competition held in British ground.

Simms did not stated what was going to be the exact amount of cash which Bolt will have to pay, but if but he did revealed that he would be earning a total of $250,000 dollars for running the one hundred meters in Paris.

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The Daily Mail, a newspaper from England stated that if Usain Bolt was to compete in the UK and other 5 races elsewhere, he will have to pay a stunning one-sixth of his worldwide earnings according to what the British tax law stipulates.

Luckily for Bolt, the tax does not include participations on the Olympic Games, as the 2012 games will be held at London, and he will surely be competing there. Both Bolt and Simms are positive about a change to the law that will benefit sports and not the UK government.

Bolt has had a great year, as he clocked 9.82 seconds at the 100 meters in Lausanne, matching the fastest time of 2010, which is an outstanding achievement since he is just getting in shape after suffering an injury in the Achilles tendon, which kept him out of competition for a while.

Bolt will be running in Paris against Asafa Powell, who is also a native of Jamaica and who is the one that came up with the 9.82 mark just a month ago in Rome.

Usain Bolt said that his main goal right now is to continue to be as healthy as possible in order to be able of competing at the highest level so he can remain unbeaten.

We will see what happens with this obnoxious tax law that goes against sports in general, hoping for a positive change.

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