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Top world cup 11 including Dutch and Spaniard players

The 2010 FIFA World Cup final between the Netherlands and Spain will take place tomorrow, and now it seems like the perfect time to come up with the names of 11 players from both of these team whom we believe can make the perfect team of the tournament.

Centre forward: of course this position has to go to David Villa, the man that has currently scored five times in the cup, putting him amongst the ones with the most goals in the tourney, and at this point, he can be considered a far superior forward over players such as Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, and even Lionel Messi. Why? Well, quite simple: he is the only one amongst those players that is still playing for the cup.

Left-wing forward: This one also goes to a Spaniard in Andres Iniesta, as when he plays in combination with Xavi, his teammate at Barcelona FC, he is simple unstoppable.

Right-win forward: the first Dutchman in the list is Arjen Robben, a player from the Bayer Munich that has put up his heart in every single match of the world cup, which is why he will have to be closely observed by Spain’s defenders (special by goalkeeper Casillas).

Attacking midfielder: Wesley Sneijder is the second ducthman in this list, and he is the one competing with Villa for the golden shoe since he has the same number of goals than the Spaniard.

Centre midfielder: Xavi Hernandez is the undisputable man in this position as he is arguably the best player in the tournament. He is a very intelligent player who possesses an outstanding vision and technical ability.

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Defensive midfielder: This one goes to Mark van Bommel, as he has all it takes to be a leader, and his superior performance at the cup can’t be denied by anybody.

Left back: Giovanni Van Bronckhorst is the man in this position, as even though he is quite old, he has proven that he has the spirit to play at the highest level, and his goal against Uruguay is probably the best one of the tournament so far.

Right back: Gregory Van der Wiel is just 22 years old, and so far, he has played marvelously and hasn’t made any mistakes in the tourney.

Centre backs: Here we have Gerard Pique and Carlos Puyol, whom are two incredibly good players playing for both their Barca club and the Spaniard National team.

Goalkeeper: indisputably, this position has to go for Iker Casillas, as he has been quite consistent and has proven why he has been the number one goalkeeper in Real Madrid for many years.

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