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Top 5 rookies for the past NFL draft that might disappoint

The AFC West is one of the toughest divisions at the NFL, and first-year rookies always feel the pressure when they get to play their first games. The past draft was filled with a lot of talent that ended up in this division, but that is on paper, now they will have to be tested on the field, and if you follow the AFC West you know that here boys are turned into men real fast, which is why some of the top names in the past draft might end up underperforming, let’s check some of them.

  1. Tim Tebow: The problem with the 25th overall pick of the past draft is not that he lacks capacity, it is mostly that people have extremely high expectations of him, even comparing him with Steve Young and Brett Favre, and that will put a lot of pressure on the rookie, and that is definitely not good for him, as it will either turn him into an arrogant player or into one that will be criticized because of not achieving wanted results.

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  1. Ryan Mathews: I think this running back is quite good, and from all of the RB’s in the past draft, I think he is the only one who can actually play the full 16 regular season games with the Chargers, but with names like Michael Turner and LaDainian Tomlinson in San Diego, I think he will fall short on expectations. Sure, he might play well, but do not expect him to become spectacular, at least for the next couple of seasons or so.
  1. Dexter McCluster: he’s a second round pick (36th overall) who’s coming to Kansas from the Ole Miss Rebels, and I think he will underperform mostly because he is a running back that might not be exactly what the Chiefs needed as he already suffered considerable injuries.
  1. Cam Thomas: Seriously, was this the answer from the Chargers to their defensive problems? Some people says that he underperformed while playing for the Tar Heels, but the truth is that he lacks numbers, period, and even though he has the right size, he doesn’t have the needed talent.
  1. Bruce Campbell: The Raiders will learn that they made a mistake picking up this guard, as even though he is athletic enough, he lacks skills and a good technique to become the offensive lineman Oakland needed.

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