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Tom Brady getting closer to sign new deal with Patriots

Sources close to the Patriots are saying that Tom Brady might be getting closer to finally sign a deal with New England, and what is currently delaying the whole process is the CBA (Collective bargain agreement) and how it affects the team’s salary cap.

There are a few top quarterbacks in the league whom are still waiting to sign a deal, with Brady and Payton Manning being the main ones, and apparently, the 32 year old player who has won 3 Super Bowls might sign before Manning.

However, nothing is still quite clear or definitive, as there is been some tension between Brady and the team, but the same sources are saying that everything is going back to normal slowly but steadily, and well, when it comes to Tom Brady, it is clear a fact that he probably don’t want to play anywhere else, as this it’s been his only team since he entered the NFL back in 2000.

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It seems like there is some sort of competition going on between Brady and Manning, as it is a fact that they are head-to-head when it comes to talent and achievements, which is why the two are waiting to see what kind of deals they are going to get from their respective teams. If you are Brady, and Manning signs first, then you would like to get the same kind of deal Payton is getting and vice versa.

While Tom Brady has not said anything yet about the negotiations concerning his contract, it seems like he will actually be playing for the Patriots at the upcoming season, as he showed to training camp on Sunday, and that is a statement of what he really wants.

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We all know there was some tension going on between Brady and Bill Belichick, but we also know that there is a profound respect between the two, as both quarterback and coach are very professional and are clear about the fact that each is one is at the top of their respective fields. That is why the general concern about such tension has decreased, and it seems like the CBA deal is the only thing that is delaying the signing of Brady.

Who will get the biggest contract between Tom Brady and Payton Manning? That is still to be seeing, but what is for sure is that they will certainly get alike NFL deals with maybe one or two millions of difference.

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