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The Raptors: a less powerful team without Chris Bosh

Just one tweet was enough to bring down the spirits of Raptors fans, whom now know that they will be facing the 2010-2011 season without Chris Bosh, the man that leaded them for many years, and who is now heading to Miami to join forces with Dwayne Wade at the Heat.

Bosh certainly loves the Raptors, even calling Toronto his second home, but the truth is that he is a natural born winner that could not win a championship with an average team like the one from Canada, he is now joining a team that automatically became a contender when it was decided that he will be playing along another superstar, and maybe one more if LeBron James decides that the smartest decision for him is to resign to a few million dollars in order to join the Heat, a team that could make him a champion immediately.

Now the Raptors will have to rely in the players they have left, such as Andrea Bargnani, a forward that is good offensively but that certainly lacks in defense, and he will have to become one of the 5 starters until 21 year old Ed Davis has adapted fully to the team’s strategy.

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They are also lucky to count with a veteran forward in Hedo Turkoglu, a man that had no plans of returning to Toronto just a couple of weeks ago, but he changed his mind, and hopefully for the Raptors he will be a positive element to their game formula. Turkoglu has been criticized for lacking consistency, and if he can fix that, then Toronto has a strong man that can guide the team in the absence of Bosh.

On the point guard position they are ok, as they count with a tough player in Jose Calderon; the bad thing is that he is prone to get injured quite easily, and it that case, they also count with Jarrett Jack, a guard that plays defense better than Calderon.

The departure of Bosh is definitely a hard hit for a team that is in a rebuilding process, but as you can see, they have some good players that can perform very well, and if they remain clean of injuries, they will be hard to beat, and when Chris Bosh comes to Toronto to play, his teammates will surely let him know that they can still play without him.

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