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The most impacting suspensions for the 2010 NFL season

We live in a world where we are limited by all kinds of rules, and when it comes to sports, there is no exception. Just ask Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner who is known for applying severe discipline to those whom might serve as a bad example for the league, and in this article, we will review some of the players whom have been suspended for a few games concerning the upcoming season, and we will quickly analyze the impact such absences will have on their respective teams.

Ben Roethlisberger: The Steelers won’t count with Big Ben for the first 6 games of the regular season, as he violated the personal conduct policy from the league, therefore, he won’t see action in key matches against Atlanta, Tennessee, Tampa Bay, Baltimore, Cleveland and Miami. Even though prosecutors did not even filed charges concerning sexual assault against the player, Goodell felt that it was necessary to punish Pittsburgh’s starting quarterback as he felt that Big Ben could serve as an example for others whom might follow on his bad example.

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Michael Vick: The Eagles will be seriously harmed if the strict commissioner finally decides to suspend Vick due to an altercation during his birthday which did not even involve him directly. But the truth is that Vick had been warned by Goodell about keeping an impeccable behavior if he wanted to continue to play at the NFL. The Eagles have stated that they won’ let Vick go, as he is an experienced quarterback that is currently the backup for the younger Kevin Kolb, whom will certainly need the mentoring of Vick.

Vincent Jackson: Another one who violated the personal conduct policy from the NFL, Jackson has been officially suspended for 3 matches; therefore, he will not be seeing action against Kansas City, Jacksonville and Seattle. He was outstanding last year, coming up with an impressive 68 receptions and 1167 yards for 9 touchdowns. The Chargers will certainly suffer due to the absence of this Pro Bowl receiver.

Brian Cushing: He will not be seeing action against Indianapolis, Washington, Dallas and Oakland due to a suspension concerning the use of illegal performance-enhancing drugs. Last year he received the defensive rookie of the year award, and since the Texans really don’t have a backup plan in order to fill in for the young outside linebacker, they will be seriously hurt due to his absence.

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