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The five top running backs at the NFL

In a league where the main focus is always on the quarterback, we often forget that there are other players that are of equal importance, in this case, we will analyze which ones are the top running backs at the NFL, considering different aspects such as their ability, their vision and their athleticism.

  1. Chris Johnson: When the Titans drafted this 24 year old player from the East Carolina Pirates with their 24th overall pick at the 2008 draft, many disagreed with their decision, but after two outstanding years in the league, nobody is criticizing anymore, as he has shown that he can running between tackles in a formidable way, being responsible for at least 45% of offensive from Tennessee, and finishing with an impressive sixteen touchdowns for 2509 yards.
  1. Adrian Peterson: Since he made his first appearance in the league back in 2007 with the Vikings, he has proven everybody that he is simply one of the best running backs the game has ever seen. Last season he finished with 18 touchdowns for 1819 yards, and the only real reason why he is one position behind Johnson is because of some fumbling issues.

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  1. Steven Jackson: Yes, he plays for the Rams, one of the worst teams at the NFL that has managed to win just a low 6 games in the past 3 seasons, but despite that, he has always been a hard worker, it barely complains and plays with his heart at every single match. He is basically the best St. Louis has, and they know it.
  1. Maurice Jones-Drew: This is a guy that has been surrounded by doubters most of his life due to his small stature, which is why most people thought he did not had what it was necessary to become into a starter at full-time, but he has certainly prove everybody wrong, and last season is clear proof of that, with the versatile RB finishing with sixteen touchdowns for 1765 yards.
  1. Ray Rice: This 23 year old player from the Ravens is quite underrated, and the main reason is his 2008 rookie season, as he underperformed, but last year it was totally different for him, as he finished with 8 touchdowns for 2041 yards, and even though a single good season might not be reason enough to praise him, the truth is that he has what it takes to become as talented as Adrian Peterson or Chris Johnson.

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