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The dusk of a legend: George Steinbrenner dies at age 80

It’s funny that one of the most famous lines from George Steinbrenner was “I don’t get heart attacks, I give them” as a myocardial infarction was what ultimately ended with the life of the owner of the New York Yankees, who was a man that was known for his controlling attitude but who was also known for having a good heart and a brilliant mind for business.

Steinbrenner had just turned 80 in July 4, and both his family and close friends are still in mourning for the death of a man that revive the Yankees, turning the team from a struggling one to one that went on to achieve titles and recognitions.

He bought the Yankees back in 1973, and he immediately impacted the team by handling millionaire contracts to his players and criticizing everybody under his command for almost anything you can think of, which is why became known simply as “the boss”.

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During his tenure as owner of New York’s baseball team, the franchise reached the playoffs in nineteen occasions and won the World Series an impressive 7 times.

Steinbrenner was certainly a man who knew how to handle cash, as he was very knowledgeable about investments that would eventually giving outstanding returns, with the clearest example in the purchasing of the Yankees, a team that was acquired by only $10 million dollars and that now has an estimated value of $1.6 billion.

For the past few years, Steinbrenner kept himself away from public life, spending most of his time in his Florida home and running everything concerning the Yankees over the phone or through those closest to him.

In 2003, his health started to get worse, as he even collapsed during the funeral of Otto Graham, the football legend who was a good friend of him, and his latest serious mishap took place back in October 29 of 2006, when he fell significantly ill during a play at her granddaughter’s college.

“The Boss” was also part owner of the New Jersey Devils and was much known in the horse racing world as he owned 5 horses that participated in the Kentucky Derby, though none of them got a victory in the famous competition.

Now the Yankees will be fully handled by Hank and Hal, his two sons, whom have been managing a lot of aspects of the team since 2007.

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