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The Browns are rebuilding, and will certainly succeed at it

The Cleveland Browns might go either 10-6 or vice versa this upcoming season, but that really doesn’t matter, as they are going through a rebuilding process that is promising to be a success, which means that even though they don’t win as many games this year, or even if they do, they will be heading towards success, as they are creating a solid group that can become into a Super Bowl contender real soon.

And, with LeBron James playing for the Miami Heat now, and the Indians not looking very good, the Browns are the current best new sporting team in Cleveland, and fans knows it, which is why attendance to games this time are probably going to be sold outs.

With Robaire Smith and Shaun Rogers suspended due to off-field problems, Ahtyba Rubin is gonna have the chance to prove himself and head coach Eric Mangini that he has what it takes to play instead of Smith or Rogers, as shown last season, when Cleveland won 4 of the 5 games in which Rubin performed (coming in substitution for Rogers).

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Jake Delhomme is a veteran quarterback that was recently acquired from the Panthers, and he will assume the starting position for the moment, that is until Colt McCoy is ready to become the team’s official starter. But you can expect a lot of good things from Delhomme, as he is a very competent QB that will run the offensive of the Browns in an efficient way, and that is exactly what he was brought in for.

Josh Cribbs is a wide receiver that is promising to be better this year, and that is good news for the Browns as Delhomme will need a proficient attacking weapon to help him out, and Cribbs is exactly the man for such task.

Jerome Harrison is the main man concerning running backs, as he is starting to show his true potential, which was proven last season, finishing with 862 yards. He will definitely be essential in the offensive formation the Browns will be running at the upcoming season.

With just 8 days left before training camp begins, the excitement and expectations concerning the Browns are higher than they had been in years, and Cleveland is now officially a football town since neither the Indians or the Cavaliers are expected to do much at their respective professional sporting leagues.

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