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Terrell Owens still has not signed with any NFL team

Terrell Owens is fearing that he might not get signed by any team to play at the upcoming 2010 NFL season, mostly because he feels that the different franchises in the league perceives him as a troublemaker even though he hasn’t faced considerable off-field problems.

T.O. doesn’t agree with those whom are critical of his behavior as he has fought for becoming less troubled, and this was proven last season when he played for the Bills. Even though he was disappointing in terms of sporting proficiency, he handled himself in an agreeable way concerning his overall attitude.

In a recent interview, Owens mentioned that he was never caught saying something he wasn’t supposed to, and that he has become more patient, which is why he is asking NFL teams to reconsider their opinions towards him.

Owens is quite old at 36 years old, and he knows that he needs to change if he wants to continue to be part of the game. He has promised to be in excellent physical conditions before the start of the season, and he is hoping to get sign after the beginning of the preseason as he would prefer to skip training camp.

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The veteran wide receiver said that he is not alarmed that much as of now, since there is still plenty of time before the season begins, and he is aware of the fact that if a key WR gets injured during training at the offseason, then such team might be the one that could pick up the phone and call him in order to get him to give them a hand.

But he also knows that when he gets to sign, he will need to start creating some chemistry and learn the offensive tactics of the team, which is why he would like to get some offers now in order to start taking decisions about what is really the best thing for him.

I believe Owens is just trying to switch the attention from his bad season at Buffalo, as he finished with a low 5 touchdowns for fifty five catches and 829 yards, and in my opinion, that is what it concerns teams the most, and not his constant blabbering.

The former Cowboys and Bills player should be focusing on training harder and stop paying attention to reality shows if he really wants to get hired, if not, then he will have to stick with VH1’s The T.O. Show.

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