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Terrell Owens signs one-year deal with Ochocinco’s Bengals

Terrell Owens is more relaxed now, as yesterday he finally signed with an NLF team, in this case, the Bengals ($2 million for one season), a franchise that is expecting to go back to their glorious days by utilizing a 3-wide receiver formation that also includes another ‘diva’ player, Chad Ochocinco, and Antonio Bryant, who signed a 4-year deal worth $28 million back in March.

Ochocinco and Owens are a bit controversial because they like to talk a lot, but the truth is that they don’t drink and most importantly, they don’t get arrested, therefore, their flaws are not that serious concerning bad behavior, and when it comes to handle this type of players, quarterback Carson Palmer knows very well how to do it, as he’s been dealing with Ochocinco for quite a while, and he said that all he does is to scream at the player in order to get him focused, and that is exactly what he is planning to do with Owens.

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Back in 2005, Palmer had his best year at the NFL, and at that time, the Bengals were employing the three WR formation that included T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Ochocinco, and Chris Henry, who died last year in a tragic car accident.

It was thought that Cincinnati was bring T.O. as a replacement for Bryant, who underwent knee surgery and is still dealing with the consequences of that medical procedure, but a source close to the team has said that that is not the case, as the team’s medical staff recently checked Bryant, and they said he’ll be fine for the season.

Actually, Bryant is essential in the plans of the team, as he is a player that is quite proficient in the middle of the field, just like Henry was, and his function now will be to replicate the work of the diseased player.

Now, we all know T.O.’s game is a bit limited, and when hired, he spoke clearly to owner Mike Brown and the coaching staff, letting them know that he is aware of his limitations, admitting that he does not possess the same skills from two years ago, but the team is trustful about increasing his potential by teaming him up with Ochocinco and Bryant.

If these guys can stay away from controversy and focus on their job at the field, then the Bengals can become into one of the top teams at the league.

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