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Steve Blake signs 4-year, $16 million deal with Lakers

Steve Blake agreed to a 4-year deal for $16 million with the Lakers on July 2, and today, the signing was formalized. The move is giving Los Angeles a veteran point guard that is currently considered as the best player from the 2002 class that won that year’s NCAA championship.

The move is benefiting the Lakers, as they are currently in a contract dispute with Derek Fisher, a player that is also a bit old at 36, while Blake still has a few years of good basketball on him since he is 20 years old, and, if Fisher leaves he will be taking on his starting position.

The signing of Blake had been delayed because both parts were waiting for the end of the free-agent moratorium on Wednesday night, but it is now completed and the deal seems to be beneficial for both parts, as Blake is joining the current champions, which is great for his image, and it is outstanding for Los Angeles, as they are getting a very proficient point guard that will take away the position of Fisher, or at least the reserve position from Sasha Vujacic, Shannon Brown and Jordan Farmar.

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The signing of Blake by the Lakers was possible thanks to their mid-level exception, and the player will be formally introduced in a press conference to be held next week, as right now Blake is in Las Vegas, where he is helping to raise funds for children with cancer

Those whom are familiar with Blake know that he is an overachiever, and the kind of player that gets picked up the last to play a game only to prove everybody wrong and earn their respect, so far that has been the attitude that has allowed him to play for various NBA franchises and to sign with the most important one in the league right now, the champs Los Angeles Lakers, a team that is famous for hiring only the best possible talent.

And when it comes to increase his game, it is certain that he will be obtaining a lot of mentorship from Phil Jackson, who is considered as the most successful coach in the history of the NBA. Jackson knows all the tricks, and he will surely pass on a few of those to Steve Blake, who is eager to start his first game with the Lakers shirt.

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